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Mr. Brian Taylor
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Mission Statement

The mission of the International Asset Management Community of Practice (COP's) is to provide advice and assistance to the Association on proper procedure and performance of the asset/property management profession. It shall examine and monitor legislation, changes in legislation, and methods or practices pertaining to the acquisition, operation, management or disposition of interest in right of way and real property. It shall cooperate with the Liaison Committee on all interagency or legislative activities and shall keep other industry committees informed.

The functions of said committee shall be as follows:

  • It shall study and report on concepts, practices and procedure in all matters related to the field of property management. Such matters shall include:
  • Interim rental and clearance of buildings on properties acquired for rights of way for public and quasi-public purposes, including airports and ports.
  • Disposal of real property interests including conveyance of easements, or other interests, necessary for the relocation of streets or utilities.
  • Acquisition, development, leasing of property held by public or quasi-public agencies including multi-use or joint use of rights of way and other real property holdings.
  • It shall promote and encourage persons, schools and other organizations, involved in property management activities, to participate with it in research and preparation of property management procedure.
  • It shall encourage chapters, acting through chapter property management COP's, to participate with it in its studies and in the performance of functions similar to its own, on the local level.
  • It shall review the work and programs of the chapter property management COP's and shall make quarterly report to the International President Elect and the International Executive Vice President on COP's activities at the chapter or international levels.

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