International Oil & Gas Pipeline Committee


Mr. Brian W Green

Mr. Brian W Green
Director ROW & Land Management
Enable Midstream Partners
P.O. Box 24300
Oklahoma City, OK 73124

Phone: (405)557-6896


Vice Chair

Ms. Coleen R Magness, SR/WA

Ms. Coleen R Magness, SR/WA
Vice President - Product Division
13313 Buffington Road
Jones, OK 73049

Phone: (405)708-1896


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Mission Statement

The mission of the International Oil & Gas Pipeline Committee is to provide advice and assistance to the Association on matters related to acquisition, construction, and operations of pipeline rights of way for public or private use and the relationship with other utilities, services and facilities. It shall examine and monitor legislation, changes in legislation, or practices pertaining to acquiring, using or disposing of rights of way for pipeline use. It shall cooperate with the Liaison Committee on all interagency or legislative activities and shall keep other industry committees informed.

The function of this committee shall be as follows:

  • It shall study, and report on general and specific problems relating to acquisition of rights of way for pipelines including, but not limited to, the relationship between pipelines and other facilities, both public and private as well as use or multi-use of the right-of-way.
  • It shall study and report on specific concepts, practices and procedures affecting the pipeline industry with special attention to areas of cooperation, coordination and advance planning in the effective use of rights of way for pipelines.
  • It shall promote and encourage persons, schools and other organizations, involved in the pipeline and related industries to participate with it in developing effective acquisition procedures.
  • It shall encourage chapters, acting through chapter pipeline committees, to participate with it in its studies, and in the performance of functions similar to its own, on the local level.
  • It shall review the work and programs of the chapter pipeline committees and shall make periodic reports to the International President Elect and the International Executive Vice President on committee activities at the chapter or international level.
  • The Chair of this committee shall be an ex-officio member of the International Transportation Committee.

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