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In serving the educational & professional development needs of its members, IRWA ensures that courses meet the highest quality standards by enforcing the most stringent criteria for all course Instructors. IRWA Course Instructors are experts & professionals in the subjects they instruct and are trained in cutting edge instructional methods. They have the experience to answer the most challenging questions and create a learner-centered experience that aims at high long-term retention of knowledge and application of information to real-world infrastructure issues. Instructors are independent contractors (and not IRWA employees).


Instructing an IRWA course is a privilege extended on a contractual basis to active and qualified members of the Association.

All Instructors possess a college degree or have professional education/training in the discipline in which applying to instruct, or are currently working as a Instructor in good standing for an organization, association, college or university.

Instructors must successfully complete the IRWA CLIMB- once successfully completed Instructors are “CLIMB Certified” Instructors within the Association. Through the IRWA CLIMB Instructor Development Program, Instructors are trained in Instructional Standards of Excellence and effective methods to instruct course material in a way that enhances the learning process.

All active Instructors must have documented evidence of having successfully completed or audited the IRWA course(s) they instruct.

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