Executive Staff
Mark Rieck Chief Executive Officer ext. 140
Amir Vafamanesh Communications Manager ext. 142
Professional Development
Deidre C. Alves, M.Ed. Vice President - Professional Development ext. 143
Field Operations
Daniel M. Stekol Vice President - Field Operations ext. 126
Jade Meador, CMP Director of Events ext. 146
Tim Drennan Manager - Field Operations
United States
(310) 433-9672
Jaime Rose Mathews Manager - Field Operations
(613) 809-4070
Right of Way Magazine
Barbara Billitzer Vice President - Publisher & Editor-in-Chief ext. 130
Joseph Roman Creative Manager ext. 145
Ethel Navales Associate Editor ext. 128
Finance, Accounting, Information Technology & Education
Fred Nasri, CPA, CAE, R/E Broker, GR1 Vice President - Chief Financial Officer ext. 139
Rakhshan Mazarei Controller & Personnel Manager ext. 131
Courtney Piscitelli Assistant Controller - A/P ext. 144
Cokie Ganacias Assistant Controller - A/R ext. 125
Bonnie Gray Assistant Controller - Member Services ext. 134
Astrid Anaya Assistant Controller - Member Services ext. 134
Sergey Yushkevich Computer Services Senior Manager ext. 127
Carlos Gonzalez Web & Database Manager ext. 136
Emory Peters Assistant to the CFO – Chapters ext. 137
Francis Vicente Credentialing Manager ext. 123
Nathan Cruzado Course Program Coordinator ext. 124
DeOnna Koonce Accreditation Program Coordinatorr ext. 138
Silvia Smith Assistant to the Controller – Member Services ext. 120
Linna Sok Assistant to the Controller – Administration ext. 147