Thank you for your interest in being a vital part of IRWA’s Mentorship Program. We currently have an association wide program that allows our members and instructors to mentor protégées in other chapters, other regions, and sometimes other countries. The original program was developed by a task force that included representatives from the International Professional Development Committee, Advisory Council, Leadership Institute Team and Headquarters staff. The current program is administered through a collaborative effort of the International Professional Development Committee, the International Nominations and Elections Committee and Headquarters staff.

We are also encouraging chapters and regions to develop their own mentor programs using the tools we will be providing on both this website and IRWA’s Member Network. We see member value in both programs and encourage our members to consider participating in each program.

We have learned that our new members want more responsibility, more training and more opportunities. They want a chance to learn and showcase their leadership skills, along with having access to mentors. The role of the new member/protégé within our organization is a special opportunity to learn and grow as you begin your journey in the right-of-way profession. As a protégé, you are committed to industry excellence and value the unique gift that the mentor/protégé relationship offers. It is envisioned that you will advance your status and one day continue the legacy and give back to our industry as a mentor.

Our more established members can get fresh perspectives from our new members and also pick up new skills while demonstrating that they are not too set in their ways that they can’t embrace new ideas. The role of mentor within our organization is a special opportunity to give back and to provide invaluable support, encouragement, resources, information, and inspiration to the protégé as he/she begins the journey in the right-of-way profession by volunteering and advancing in association leadership. IRWA mentors function as leaders within our organization who serve as role models, innovators, motivators, and communicators of both professional and personal excellence.

Mentor and protégé applications are available here on the IRWA website. Additional information is also available on the Member Network. For further information, you can contact your Region Representative to IRWA’s International Professional Development Committee or International Nominations and Elections Committee.

Suggested Mentor Questions and Topics