900 - Principles of Real Estate Engineering

  • Course Number: C900
  • Course Title: Principles of Real Estate Engineering
  • Course Level: Core
  • IRWA Credits: 16 QEU / CEU
  • AQB Credits: Not Applicable
  • Prerequisites: Not Applicable
With the use of lecture, questions and answers, exercise methods and graphic illustrations, participants in this course will learn how to use engineering tools and will gain basic skills in reading and interpreting information contained on engineering plans. Participants will also learn how to read, understand and plot simple descriptions using the most common methods of property descriptions.
  • Industry: A core course that is required for all 4 pathways in the RWP program.
  • Specialist: Not applicable.
  • Understanding the basic principles of engineering drawings
  • Understanding and interpreting information on plans
  • Using an engineer’s scale to determine distances
  • Identifying types of highway curves
  • Determining the effects of a project on a property
  • Understanding the background of property descriptions
  • Become knowledgeable of the basic features of property descriptions
  • Become familiar with the most common systems and methods of property descriptions
  • Writing and plotting property descriptions using various methods
Course Tuition Includes
  • Participant Manual
  • Engineering tools (engineering scale, protractor and straight edge)
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