NEW Professional Right of Way Certification Program

The Professional Right of Way Certification Program is a three-level program that begins with the Right of Way Agent (RWA) certification, progresses with the Right of Way Professional (RWP) certification and culminates with the Senior Right of Way Professional (SR/WA) designation.

Those who hold the SR/WA have achieved the most prestigious professional designation in the right of way industry through experience, education and examination. They represent the most seasoned professionals who have acquired the highest level of knowledge and expertise within all the major disciplines of the right of way industry. Together with the RWA and RWP, earning the SR/WA designation can help create employment opportunities, career advancement, salary increases and professional development growth.

New Professional Right of Way Certification Program Guide

Formal Education (Degree) Requirements, In Lieu of a Degree Options, and Right of Way Experience Requirements

Declaration of Candidacy Form

Coursework Requirements
RWP and SR/WA coursework must be completed within 10 years from date the first required course for RWP and/or SR/WA was completed. For RWA, there is no time limit or expiration for the required coursework except for the ethics course (102), which expires within 5 years from the date of completion. Please see Course Expiration FAQs.

Overview of IRWA Courses

New Professional Right of Way Certification Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Course Pricing





$ 265.00

$ 330.00


$ 415.00

$ 520.00

16 (for Course 100 only)

$ 565.00

$ 710.00


$ 565.00

$ 710.00


$ 755.00

$ 935.00


Exam Request for the Capstone Exam and Challenging Courses

After you gather the required formal education/qualifying experience documentation, complete and submit the certification application for the credential that you are applying for and apply the associated processing fee. Note that you will submit your qualifying experience and education documentation with the application. Submit completed applications to your Chapter PDC Chair once all requirements have been met. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


RWA Completion Application
RWP Completion Application
SR/WA Completion Application


RWP and SR/WA Recertification Requirements
RWP Recertification Application
SR/WA Recertification Application