Commercial Use of Directory Is Forbidden:

Use of the online directory for commercial purposes is specifically forbidden. No one is permitted to use the contact information contained in this directory except for the purpose of contacting IRWA members regarding association activities and non-commercial activities directly related to the right of way profession.

IRWA members using the directory for commercial purposes may be subject to violation of the IRWA Rules of Professional Conduct as described below:

ER 2.3. It is unethical for a member:

  • (a) to disclose or utilize confidential information obtained in connection with such membership or service to the Association, or
  • (b) to use the names, trademarks, service marks and logos of IRWA, including its divisions, offices, committees, printed or electronic lists and other data, for non-Association purposes, or to use them in any advertising or publicity, or otherwise to indicate IRWA sponsorship or affiliation.





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IMPORTANT: IRWA members who would prefer their contact information not be listed on the directory may contact Silvia Smith, Assistant Controller - Member Services, at (310) 538-0233, ext 120.