501 - Residential Relocation Assistance

  • Course Number: C501
  • Course Title: Residential Relocation Assistance
  • Course Level: Intermediate
  • IRWA Credits: 16 QEU / CEU
  • AQB Credits: Not Applicable
  • Prerequisites: Not Applicable
This course discusses the processes and procedures involved in providing relocation assistance to residential occupants. Materials presented are based on the lead agency’s (Federal Highway Administration) regulations in implementing the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 as amended.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Participants must read 49 CFR Part 24 prior to attending this class.
  • New SR/WA: An intermediate elective course that can be applied towards the RWP certification. 
  • Industry: An intermediate elective course that can be applied towards the Generalist and Transportation pathways for the RWP certification.
  • Specialist: An intermediate required course for the R/W-RAC and R/W-URAC certifications.
  • Replacement housing payments for residential owners and tenants
  • Mobile homes
  • Last resort housing
  • Advisory assistance
  • Moving payments
  • Filing claims and appeals
Course Tuition Includes
  • Participant Manual
  • Federal Register
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