219 - Introduction to Presentation, Facilitation, and Instruction

  • Course Number: C219
  • Course Title: Introduction to Presentation, Instruction and Facilitation
  • Course Level: Intermediate
  • IRWA Credits: 16 QEU / CEU
  • AQB Credits: Not Applicable
  • Prerequisites: Not Applicable

This course provides participants with an understanding of presenting, instructing and facilitating; an opportunity to develop or enhance presentation, instruction and facilitation skills; personal and professional development, and a venue during which to assess personal skills and abilities. At the conclusion of the course, participants will have learned about, developed, and demonstrated presentation, instruction and facilitation techniques.

  • Industry: An intermediate course that can be applied to all 4 pathways in the SR/WA program.
  • Specialist: An elective for the R/W-AMC, R/W-EC, and R/W-NAC programs.
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Participant Manual
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