803C – Expropriation Law Basics for the Right of Way Professional

  • Course Number: C803C
  • Course Title: Expropriation Law Basics for the Right of Way Professional - Canadian
  • Course Level: Intermediate
  • IRWA Credits: 16 QEU / CEU
  • AQB Credits: Not Applicable
  • Prerequisites: Not Applicable
This course enables participants to gain knowledge of the purpose of expropriation powers, as an integral part of a project, and understand the role of the right of way professional from the development of the project, to the resolution of all compensatory claims resulting from expropriation.
  • Generalist: An intermediate course that can be applied towards the ARWP, RWP or SR/WA program.
  • Specialist: An elective for the R/W-NAC program.
  • Expropriation Law: Historical basis, overview of legislation, comparative analysis of provincial and federal legislation
  • Project planning; property acquisition prior to expropriation
  • Procedures prior to registration of plan of expropriation
  • Procedures subsequent to registration
  • Compensation: Overview, historical allowances, intent of legislation, procedures
  • Market Value: Definition, highest and best use, approaches to determining market value, additions to market value
  • Injurious Affection: Definition, application where no land taken, methods of valuation, set off for betterment
  • Disturbance Damages: Special difficulties in relocating, commercial relocation, non-relocation, business loss, damages incurred prior to expropriation
  • Interests and Costs
  • Deemed Expropriation
Course Tuition Includes
  • Participant Manual
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