SR/WA Study Session & Comprehensive Exam

  • Course Number: SR/WA
  • Course Title: SR/WA Comprehensive Review Study Session & Exam
  • Course Level: SR/WA
  • IRWA Credits: Not Applicable
  • AQB Credits: Not Applicable
  • Prerequisites: Not Applicable
This session provides participants with the opportunity to review subject matter from all disciplines within the right of way profession, and also provides the chance to brush up on areas in which they may have limited knowledge or experience. The Comprehensive Exam (United States version) will be administered at the conclusion of the review session, in the afternoon of the third day, and covers the seven (7) core disciplines:
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Negotiation
  • Valuation
  • Environment
  • Relocation
  • Asset Management


Course Tuition Includes
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