145 - Overview of the Uniform Act Requirements (4 hours)

  • Course Number: C145
  • Course Title: Overview of the Uniform Act Requirements (4 hours)
  • Course Level: Core
  • IRWA Credits: 4 QEU/CEU
  • AQB Credits: Not Applicable
  • Prerequisites: Not Applicable
This course offers a general understanding of the rules and the negative impacts of URA non-compliance on projects, including the possible loss of Federal funding, and provides a balanced view of all aspects of the rule and an introduction to the interdependent nature of disciplines involved in infrastructure projects. This course does not focus on the intricacies of requirements, nor does it put too heavy an emphasis on the more complicated relocation assistance calculations and provisions. It is intended to provide a hands-on experience and heavily relies upon individual and group participation in examining (and demystifying) the URA regulations. The participants will be asked to read aloud certain sections of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and provide subsequent comment and reflection. Anyone not comfortable with this may simply choose to pass to the next reader and is always welcome to participate in other ways.
  • New SR/WA: An elective for the SR/WA designation
  • Specialist: An elective course that can be applied towards the following Specialist Programs - Appraisal Certification Program (R/W-AC), Asset/Property Management Certification Program (R/W-AMC), Negotiation and Acquisition Certification Program (R/W-NAC), Relocation Assistance Certification Program (R/W-RAC), Uniform Act Certification Program (R/W-URAC), and the Appraisal Cross Certification Program
At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:
  • Demonstrate a general understanding of the URA, why it exists, and the importance of being aware of project-specific requirements around land acquisition policies, appraisal, and relocation;
  • Protect the acquiring/displacing agency from the negative impacts and a possible loss of Federal funding due to inadvertent URA non-compliance; and
  • Utilize this new understanding of the law, the regulation, and other URA resources in your current project role to facilitate federally-funded real estate acquisition in support of infrastructure project delivery.
Course Tuition Includes
  • Learning Guide
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