Fiscal Operations

IRWA Budgeting Process

The IRWA fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. The following process will be used to develop the annual budget:

By January 1, prior to beginning of the new fiscal year, IRWA staff will prepare an initial draft of the IRWA budget for the Association. The budget draft will be accompanied by a budget narrative that will define the income and expenses categories incorporated into the budget as well as the assumptions used in structuring the budget. A brief description of each budget item will be included for all line items.

The Finance Committee will review and refine the initial draft, recommending a budget to the IGC by February 1. A recommended budget by the IGC will be distributed through the Region chairs by March 1 for discussion at spring forums. The recommended budget and narrative will be distributed to the Board of Directors along with the latest financial statements available as part of the online BOD packet.

Investment Committee

With approval of the International President, IRWA will appoint an investment committee annually to review the Association's investment of funds and make recommendations to the IGC as to the investment of funds.

Regional Officer Expense Money

Each Region is allocated a certain amount of money each year to be used to reimburse the Regional Officers for the monies expended in visiting their Chapters and otherwise performing their duties. Said monies may only be used to reimburse officers for their expenses. For information concerning which expenses qualify, please refer to reimbursement policy. Each Region chair may use up to $5,000 annually to support the forums in their respective Regions. Additional questions should be directed to the International Treasurer/Vice President.

Should a Region determine that it requires additional funds over and above those initially approved or perceives a need to incur a financial liability which will continue beyond the current fiscal year, said Region must contact the IEC for approval before proceeding.

Committee Expense Money

Each International Committee is allocated a certain amount of money annually to be used to reimburse the Committee Chair and Vice Chair for their expenses and to carry out certain other programs (described in the committee's funding request and approved by the International President-Elect). Said monies may be used only for said purposes. If a committee has some question as to which programs have been approved or which expenses are reimbursable, the committee should contact the International President-Elect and/or check the International Leadership Manual.
Should a committee determine that it requires additional funds over and above those initially approved or perceives a need to incur a financial liability which will continue beyond the current fiscal year, said committee must contact the IEC for approval prior to proceeding.

Handling of Extraordinary Monies

Occasionally, because of some special project, e.g. a course or newsletter, a committee is called upon to handle monies over and above its expense budget. In all such instances, even in cases where it appears that receipts will equal expenditures, the method by which the committee proposes to handle said funds must be reviewed and approved by the IEC.

Contracts/Purchase Orders

All agreements that contractually obligate Headquarters shall be executed by its International President or CEO. No agreement shall be executed until reviewed and approved as to form by the International General Counsel and approved as to terms by the IEC or its designee. No payments shall be made pursuant to an agreement until a fully executed original contract is in possession of the CEO.

The Association shall require a purchase order for all transactions in excess of $500.



The Association will maintain certain insurance coverage for protection of its property and equipment, personnel and operations. All policies will be maintained at IRWA Headquarters.

Travel and Expense Reimbursement

This policy outlines reimbursable expenditures for persons traveling on behalf of the Association to:

  • Ensure compliance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements
  • Ensure that reimbursements are on a fair and equitable basis
  • Avoid undue record keeping and reimbursement delays

IRS Requirements

The Association will only reimburse expenses which are in compliance with IRS requirements or this Travel Policy. If the expense submitted is not considered reimbursable, a memo will accompany the Expense Claim Form indicating the amount not covered. The IEC must approve reimbursements not covered by this policy.


Reimbursement for spouse/companion expense must comply as a bona fide business purpose: spouse/companion is an IRWA member or related affiliate who attends scheduled meetings and participates and renders reports; or spouse/companion is required to attend meetings for medical support reasons and is a travel companion for IRWA person traveling. If the traveling spouse/companion does not qualify for a bona fide business purpose, the travel reimbursement will be treated as income for the IRWA traveler and an IRS form 1099 will be issued.
Individuals Authorized Travel Reimbursement:

  • International President - (2 Travelers) All IRWA/Affiliate Meetings
  • International President-Elect - *(T)
  • International Vice President - (T)
  • International Secretary/Treasurer - (T)
  • International Committee Member - (T)
  • International CEO - (*T) (**TC)
  • International General Council - (T)
  • Headquarters Staff/Consultants - (1 Traveler) as directed by the CEO.
  • International Region Chairs & Vice Chairs - (1 Traveler)
  • International Committee Chairs & Vice Chair s- (1 Traveler)
  • International Service Committees and other IRWA/Affiliated Members - As directed by IEC.

* (T) = (1 Traveler) All IRWA meetings. In addition, spouse/companion authorized travel to the Annual Education Conference and one IEC meeting designated by the President.
**(TC) = (1 Traveler Companion) Reimbursement of the travel expenses for a spouse/companion of the CEO is authorized for travel to the annual meeting of the NACAO.

Expense Claim Form

All travelers will use the IRWA Business Travel Expense Statement (Canadian members should use the Canadian version) form for reimbursement by all travelers. The International Secretary/Treasurer, will ensure that all requests for reimbursement are reviewed and that payment is made in a timely manner.

Region and Committee Travel

Each Region and International Committee is allocated a certain amount of funds annually for reimbursement of travel and project-related expenditures. These funds may only be used to reimburse Region Officers, International Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs, and Service Committee Members (also see International Conference Expenses for Non-Member Speakers). Region and Committee funds can not be spent for meals and other expenses for unauthorized Members and individuals. Questions and other requests should be directed to the CEO or International Secretary/Treasurer.

Travel and expense reimbursement is for persons traveling on behalf of the Association who cannot obtain reimbursement from other sources. The Travel Policy is administered to ensure compliance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements, ensure that reimbursements are on a fair and equitable basis, and to avoid undue record keeping and reimbursement delays.

Business Travel Expense Statement

The IRWA Expense Statement Form (also available in a Canadian version) is used to request travel advances and reimbursement by all travelers. The CEO will ensure that all reimbursement requests are reviewed and paid in a timely manner. The expense statement, once paid, will be forwarded to the International Secretary/Treasurer for final review. Should there be any questions, the International Secretary/Treasurer will contact you. The approved expense statement will remain on file for review by the IRS, if requested.

Region Vice Chairs, Committee Vice Chairs and members must submit Expense Statements to their respective Chairs for approval before submitting them to Headquarters for payment.


Expense claims for reimbursement must be received by Headquarters within 30 days of the expense. Claims received after 30 days will be forwarded to the IEC for approval and may be delayed until such time as they are approved.


The Association requires original receipts for any expense associated with airfare, hotel, meals and local travel charges. Please note that original airline receipts, not travel agency invoices, must be submitted. Receipts for other travel expenses of less than $25 are not required to be supported by receipts, although it is recommended when possible.

Travel Advances

Travel advances are authorized only for expenses that must be paid up front by the traveler (e.g., air fare and registration fees). All requests for advances must be submitted to Headquarters on Business Travel Expense Statement, dated, and signed by the volunteer. Advances may also be requested by e-mail, however the original documentation must still be submitted by regular mail. In order to preserve accountability for Region and Committee budgets, advance requests must have the approval of the respective Chair. Since original airline receipts must be retained until the completion of travel, travel advance requests should be substantiated by a copy of receipts, credit card invoice or travel agency invoice.


Only advance purchase, discounted coach class is authorized (travelers may pay the difference for business or first class upgrades). Tickets should be purchased as far in advance as possible to take advantage of the lowest fares. If the traveler chooses to drive to a meeting in lieu of using commercial transportation, reimbursement will be based on reasonable cost, but in no case will expense be reimbursed that exceeds the applicable coach fare. More information concerning personal automobile travel limitations follows below.

Bus, Limo, Taxi

Reimbursement is authorized for actual business-related cost, plus tip.

Personal Automobile

Reimbursement is authorized at the IRS regulated amount. Parking and toll fees will be reimbursed as incurred with appropriate documentation. Mileage reimbursement will be limited to reasonable mileage, not to exceed 1,000 miles round trip when used in lieu of airfare with the reimbursement amount based on the actual documented mileage incurred multiplied by the approved IRS rate. Note: Use discretion when choosing method of transportation to and from the airport, because in many cases when traveling for more than five days, it may be less expensive to use an airport limo or taxi instead of parking a personal automobile at the airport.

Rental Vehicle

Consult, in advance, the CEO if a rental vehicle is required. Rental vehicles are reimbursed only when other methods of transportation are not reasonably obtainable or when it is more cost effective for a large group to rent a vehicle. If it is necessary to rent a vehicle, the following will apply: a collision damage waiver must be purchased, unless traveler has current personal insurance which covers rental vehicles (this is to ensure that traveler will not be liable for out-of-pocket expenses should an accident occur); parking and toll fees will be reimbursed as incurred with appropriate documentation.


Lodging expense will be reimbursed up to the rate and only at the hotel as contracted by IRWA for the specific meeting attended. When traveling to and from an IRWA event by personal automobile, a maximum of one night's lodging to and from the event will be reimbursed.


Meals will be reimbursed, including tips, on a daily basis not to exceed $75 per day per traveler. When dining with other authorized IRWA travelers, record the expense amount share for each person if you pay for the entire bill. When traveling to and from an IRWA event by personal automobile, a maximum of one day's meal allowance to and from the event will be reimbursed.


Telephone expense for all Association business calls while traveling will be reimbursed. Air-to-ground calls will not be reimbursed. Telephone charges incurred for personal and/or non-IRWA business use while in IRWA travel status are not reimbursable.

Registration Fees

Association registration fees for the IRWA International Education Conference will be handled by Headquarters prior to the conference. As required for other meetings where a registration fee is collected, reimbursement will be made to the authorized IRWA traveler at the standard amount specified (late registration fee will not be reimbursed).

Reimbursement Checklist

Before submitting your expense claim. please use the following checklist:

  • Is original airline receipt attached
  • Is the original hotel bill attached
  • Have you provided receipts for all meals
  • Is documentation for car travel provided and prior approval obtained
  • Are the dates, location and purpose of your activity correct
  • Did you include receipts for ground transportation
  • Are registration receipts, if appropriate, included
  • Is documentation for miscellaneous items provided
  • Are all the expenses claimed allowed under current policy
  • Does your form need a Chair approval
  • Have you signed and dated the form in the proper place
  • Are all items claimed under the appropriate heading
  • Are room charges, meals, etc. separated on claim, by day