IRWA Logo Guidelines

The IRWA logo is a valuable asset. It visually connects all of the Association's programs, products and services to form an attractive and consistent brand. The primary logo consists of the IRWA name and tagline as shown.

Logo Usage

The logo is to be used with the tagline, unless it is being used in conjunction with a chapter name, region, committee or a specific programs, like the IRWA Leadership Institute.

Logo Placement

The IRWA logo can appear only in the upper left corner or the lower right corner. For correct placement on stationary, promotional materials and certificates, see Correct Placement of Logo guidelines.

Customized Templates

To reinforce consistency, customized logos are available for
chapters, regions and committees for promotional uses, such as stationary, business cards, newsletters, websites, specialty items and other branding tools.


Download files click on link.
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Region Logos

Chapter Logos


Committee Logos

Community of Practice


Power Point Templates

For additional questions or assistance with logo formats, please contact IRWA's Senior Graphic Designer, Joseph Roman, at or (310) 538-0233, ext. 145.