Region Leadership Responsibilities

General Responsibilities

1. Facilitate the flow of information between the Chapters and Headquarters.

A. Maintain a close relationship with each Chapter in the Region in order to know the individuals responsible for important tasks such as financial reporting, educational programs and membership.

B. Become familiar with Headquarters staff and their functions and responsibilities to better know where to get answers and help for the Chapters.

C. Filter and prioritize the requests from the Chapters to Headquarters. Being closer to the Chapters should make it easier to know what is urgent and what can be put off until time is available.

D. Present “the big picture from the IEC” to the Chapters. Geographical and Cultural differences require different presentations of the same material and information. The Region officers are more familiar with those differences and can therefore tailor their presentations to better suit the audience.

E. Be prepared to present legitimate local Chapter concerns to the IEC and/or Headquarters staff. By the same token be prepared to present ideas from the Chapters to the IEC and/or Headquarters Staff.

2. Facilitate the flow of information between Chapters.

A. Establish and maintain a Region Newsletter.

B. Establish and maintain a Region website.

C. Encourage and where necessary assist with improved Chapter Newsletters.

D. Encourage and where necessary assist with creation of Chapter websites.

E. Keep each Chapter within the region apprised of what is happening in other Chapters.

F. Promote joint meetings between Chapters.

3. Promote communications between Regions.

A. Exchange of ideas with officers of other Regions.

B. Discuss concerns and problems with officers of other Regions and forward any innovative solutions your Region has discovered.

C. Promote joint meetings between Regions and between Chapters of different Regions.

4. Coordinate the education efforts of the Region.

A. Promote course presentation.

B. Coordinate Course presentations to prevent multiple presentations of the same courses within the Region during the same time period.

C. Where possible try to coordinate the presentation of courses with a common goal such as the acquiring of a particular Certification.

D. Oversee the effort to involve Industries and Agencies within the Region in the educational process. Get to the decision makers and convince them of the value of IRWA courses.

5. Oversee Leadership Training within the region.

A. Include Leadership Training at Forums.

B. Recognize and mentor potential leaders.

C. Promote and present leadership training on Chapter the level.

D. Whenever possible delegate leadership responsibilities to others as a means of preparing new leaders.

E. Identify leadership weaknesses within the Region and/or Chapters and prepare a plan to strengthen.

6. Promote Professionalism

A. Stress the importance of the SR/WA and Certification programs to the members.

B. Promote the SR/WA and Certification Programs to the decision makers within private industries and governmental agencies.

C. Present the acquisition of Rights of Way and related endeavors as a true “Profession”. Coordinate with the Chapters to make the public aware of what it means to work in the field of Right of way.

7. Promote financial responsibility within the Region.

A. Make every effort to see that Chapters do not hoard large sums of money rather than putting it to work to promote membership, education or funding Chapter and/or Region Committees and officers.

B. Promote the funding of Region Committee Representatives to their respective Committee meetings.

8. Liaison with International Committees

A. Encourage QUALIFIED individuals to represent the region on the various International Committees.

B. Communicate with the Committee Chairs to monitor the level of involvement and participation of Region Representatives.

C. Make certain that information from the Committees flows to the Region and on to the local Chapters.

D. Make sure that necessary information from the Chapter Committees flows to the respective Region Representative and on to the International Committee.

9. Membership

A. Track membership trends within the region.

B. Monitor membership renewals within the region.

C. Coordinate membership recruitment within the region.

D. Track approval process of new members within the region to make sure

that new members are approved by the respective Chapter as soon as possible.

E. Work with private industry and governmental agencies within the Region to promote the value of membership in the organization.

10. Spring & Fall Forums

A. Coordinate with the chapters to provide a location and adequate facilities for each Forum.

B. Insure that sites are chosen far enough in advance to provide the necessary time to plan and obtain the necessary facilities.

C. Promote the Forums to the Chapters.

a. Make sure that all members of the Region are aware of the Forum location and dates and not just the Chapter officers.

D. Prepare an Agenda that covers all necessary business, leadership training and exchange of information while flowing in a logical pattern.

E. Present the Talking Points prepared by the Executive VP.

F. Present leadership training in the form of Leadership Modules provided by Headquarters or by programs put together on the region level.

G. Make sure there is time for networking and one on one discussion on a relaxed basis outside the meeting environment.

H. Gather information and concerns to take back to IEC/region Chair meetings.

I. Prepare for International Board of Directors meetings by discussing pertinent issues to determine the wishes of the region. Region officers should have a good understanding of any major issues that will be presented by the IEC at these meetings in order to avoid any problems as a result of simple misunderstandings of the facts.

J. Insure that individuals being considered for Region leadership roles are qualified and motivated to take on the responsibilities.

11. Chapter visits

A. Schedule at least one visit per year with each Chapter in the region. Visitation should be divided between the Region officers with those officers visiting the chapters closest to them. This reduces travel time for the officers and the cost to the organization.

B. Schedule Chapter visitations to include meeting with the Chapter Board of Directors to discuss Region happenings and concerns.

Region Officers Responsibilities

1. Region Chair

A. Preside over business meetings at Spring and Fall Forums, Caucus meetings at Annual Conference and any special region meetings.

B. Attend International Board of Directors meetings.

C. Attend IEC/Region Chair meetings

D. Serve on Committees/Task Forces as requested by the IEC.

E. Act as Liaison between Chapters and IEC and International Headquarters.

F. Present “Talking Points” as prepared by the Executive VP at the Region Forums.

G. Visit Chapters within the Region. Attend Chapter Board meetings to discuss current issues.

H. Coordinate leadership training within the Region.

I. Find and recommend qualified individuals to serve on International Committees.

J. Communicate with International Committee Chairs to insure Region Representation is adequate and that information and concerns are flowing from and to the Committees and the Chapters.

K. Promote and market the IRWA and its courses to private industry and governmental agencies.

L. Promote SR/WA and Certification programs to members and industry and government agencies.

M. Track membership within the region.

a. New member processing.

b. Renewal of membership.

c. Recruiting

N. Investigate opportunities to partner with other organizations for events and education.

O. Encourage financial responsibility for Region and Chapters.

a. Periodic checks on financial status of Chapters.

b. Encourage funding of Chapter officers and region Committee Representatives to Forums and meetings.

c. Assist Headquarters and Chapters in the resolution of disputes arising from charges and payments for courses.

P. Be in constant communications with the Chapter officers to keep current with what is going on within the region.

Q. Promote joint meetings between Chapters and Regions whenever feasible.

R. Collect and review all chapter newsletters.

S. Prepare Region Vice Chair to take over the Chairs responsibilities.

T. Keep region officers informed of what is going on at the International level as well as the Chapter level. COMMUNICATE

U. Assist Chapters with procedural questions and organizational matters.

V. Assist in updating and revising the Strategic Plan.

a. Stay current with the plan and be able to communicate the plan to the Chapters.

2. Region Vice Chair

A. Coordinate educational activities for the Region.

a. Maintain region wide schedule of classes for at least the present year and two years beyond.

b. Make certain that all Core Courses are presented within the region during the required time frame.

c. Coordinate the scheduling of courses to prevent identical courses being presented during the same time period.

d. Promote courses required for SR/WA and Certification programs.

e. Promote courses to private industry and government agencies.

f. Monitor the quality of Course instructors.

g. Identify and encourage potential Instructors.

B. Represent the region at international board of Directors meetings.

C. Stand in for Region Chair in his/her absence.

D. Coordinate with the IPDC on education matters and insure a report is given by the IPDC representative at the region Forums.

E. Assist in preparing and presenting leadership training at Region Forums and on the Chapter level.

F. Visit Chapters.

G. Oversee the selection of the Region Chapter of the Year.

H. Assist in the planning of the Region Forums.

I. Promote and market the IRWA

3. Region Secretary

A. Record the minutes of all Region meetings.

B. Maintain Region documents.

C. Make sure that a copy of the region Bylaws and the IRWA Corporate guide are available at all region meetings.

D. Oversee the preparation and distribution of the Region Newsletter.

E. Facilitate the creation and maintenance of a Region Website.

F. Visit Chapters within the Region.

G. Assist with leadership training at the Forums and on the chapter level

4. Treasurer

A. Maintain all Region financial records.

B. Pay all bills as directed by the Region officers.

C. Assist the Chapters with financial questions and reporting.

D. Coordinate with the Chapters and International Headquarters on all financial questions.

E. Assist in leadership training on the region and Chapter levels.

F. Visit Chapters.