Suggested Mentor Questions and Topics

IRWA’s Mentor/Protégé program has been designed to be protégé driven. However, we have developed the following questions that may help the mentors develop their relationships and assist in identifying areas in which to focus:

    1. I have viewed your resume but tell me what you do and your work history.
    2. What is your involvement at the Chapter, Region and International levels of IRWA? Are you involved in any Communities of Practice and/or Industry Committees?
    3. If there is a designation or certification goal, we need to establish a base regarding education and experience and identify the items necessary for completion. This will include education, location, on-line vs classroom and timing.
    4. What specifically are you looking for in a mentor relationship? Discussion of the program, background, and goals can take place from both sides of the fence.
    5. You listed these items that pertain to you (i.e. utilities, leadership, gas and oil…) Maybe we can prioritize these items and rank where we want to focus.
    6. Let’s discuss how this process can enhance you, your employment position and position with the IRWA.
    7. Do you see the mentoring relationship as a “one-way street” or do you feel a need to give-back to your mentor, as well?
    8. Are you interested in a structured relationship (i.e., regularly scheduled calls with a predefined purposed and/or assigned goals to work toward and report on in the next mentoring session), or would you prefer a more casual, call as needed, format?
    9. Are you looking for a resource for answers to right of way questions, or are you interested in a broader mentoring relationship?
    10. Are there any specific challenges you’d like to discuss? (Challenges – current issues the protégé may be facing, etc. but the emphasis is on “challenges” vs. issues)
    11. What do you hope to have gained from this relationship at the end of the year
    12. Would you share your strengths you discovered in the Strength Finders Books & Program?

Other Potential Discussion Topics:

    IRWA Website       IRWA University       Member Network
    Social Media       Succession Planning       Becoming an IRWA Instructor
    Leadership Institute       Position Descriptions       International Conference
    The IRWA & How it Works       Awards & Recognition