Membership Policies and Procedures


Membership in the Association is on an individual member basis. To remain a member in good standing, dues must be paid annually. Membership categories in the Association are defined in the IRWA Bylaws Article III, Section 3.
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IRWA Membership Application

Individuals desiring to join IRWA may submit an application either to a Chapter or to International Headquarters. Applications submitted to a Chapter are approved and sent to International Headquarters along with payment of dues. Applications submitted directly to International Headquarters are fully processed administratively and then sent to the appropriate Chapter for formal approval. 

IRWA membership is confirmed at the time when a paid application is processed at International Headquarters and a membership number is assigned, after favorable action on the application is taken by the local Chapter. Chapters are strongly encouraged to forward membership applications and payments immediately to International Headquarters so the membership can be recorded and confirmed, and the individual can begin receiving the benefits of membership in IRWA. If for any reason an application is not approved, the money submitted by the applicant will be reimbursed by International Headquarters. From the time a prospective member applies until he or she is approved or disapproved by a Chapter, they shall be referred to as a Pending Member.

Membership Certificates and Pins

Membership certificates for new members are provided at no cost to the Chapters by International Headquarters. Said certificates shall bear the Association emblem and contain the following words:


(Insert Members Name)
has been duly qualified and elected a member of the
International Right of Way Association
(Insert Chapter No.)
(Insert Date)
(The International President and Secretary shall execute all certificates.)
International Secretary/Treasurer International President

Headquarters will provide a replacement certificate upon request to any active member at a cost of $5 (USD) each.

IRWA will also provide a membership pin to new members, along with the certificate above. The pin will be sent to the local Chapter membership chair for presentation by the local Chapter to the new member, unless other instructions are received by headquarters. Replacement membership pins may be purchased for $10.00 each from headquarters.

Membership Cards 

IRWA Headquarters issues Membership cards to all new members and renewing members when the annual dues are paid. Headquarters will provide replacement cards upon request to any active member at a cost of $1.00 (USD) each.

Membership Information Packets

Chapters can receive 10 free Membership Information Packets each calendar year by contacting the Membership Coordinator at Headquarters. Additional packets can be purchased for $1.00 each.

Membership Dues Renewal

Membership is renewed annually in accordance with the following milestones:
June: Board of Directors approves Annual Budget and sets annual dues amount for the next calendar year.

September 1: IRWA Headquarters sends copies of Chapter membership rosters to each Chapter for annual certification (additions, deletions, and changes). Copies are sent to the Region Chairs/Vice Chairs.

September 30: Chapters return the updated member rosters to Headquarters along with any changes to their local dues and application fee amounts for the next calendar year.

October 1-14: Headquarters updates the membership database and prepares to run the Membership Dues Invoices and the Membership Identification Cards for the next calendar year.

October 15-31: Membership Dues Invoices are run and mailed to the membership.

January 1: Membership Dues Renewals are due and payable to IRWA Headquarters.

March 15: All unpaid membership renewals are due.

March 16: Unpaid membership renewals are overdue and delinquent. Final renewal notices are run and mailed.

April 15: Reinstatement fee of $50 is applied to all unpaid members. 

May 1: Local Chapter dues and fees collected by the Headquarters during the dues renewal process are forwarded to the Chapters.

June 30: Education Foundation donations received by Headquarters during the dues renewal process are forwarded to the Foundations. Amounts forwarded are based on the specific amounts earmarked for each foundation by the donating member.

May 1-June 30: An exit survey of non-renewing members will be conducted by IRWA staff to determine the reason individuals have decided not to renew.

Reinstatement of Suspended Members

All Members who were suspended from active membership for non-payment of annual dues may reinstate their membership at any time during the current dues year by paying all delinquent dues and the additional administrative fee and a reinstatement fee of $50. Suspended members who wish to activate their membership after the dues year must join in the same manner as a new member.
Membership Transfer

Members in good standing may transfer their IRWA membership from one Chapter to another by meeting the following conditions:

  1. Local and International dues must have been paid in full for the current membership year.
  2. The transferring member must prepare and submit a Membership Transfer Form and request a transfer of membership to the new Chapter. (See attached form)
  3. Upon the acceptance of the transfer by the new Chapter, the member shall become a member of that Chapter and cease to be a member of the former Chapter. The Secretary of the new Chapter shall notify IRWA Headquarters and the former Chapter of the transfer by submitting the appropriate copies of the transfer form.

Transfer under this policy shall take place without payment of any additional dues or fees by the transferring member.

Download a membership transfer form

Associate or Secondary Chapter Membership

Active members in good standing may join more that one IRWA local Chapter in the same manner provided in the case of active members. Additional Chapter dues, if required, are paid to the local Chapter only.

Membership Rosters and Directories

  1. Chapters shall maintain an up-to-date roster of their membership. The roster shall contain the names, designations, business affiliations, addresses (business, home & preferred mailing) and telephone/fax/e-mail address and other data as may from time to time be required for each active member. The roster shall also list the names of all officers, committee chairs and members and any employees of the Chapter.
  2. The roster shall be amended as changes occur by supplements or in such other manner as may be directed by the Chapter Executive Board. A copy of each Chapter roster will be provided to the appropriate Region Officers and to the Director of Membership at the International Headquarters. Chapter leaders will be given access to the online directory via the Internet to facilitate the maintenance of rosters.
  3. The International Headquarters will periodically, and prior to annual dues renewal, provide each Chapter Membership Chair a copy of the membership records for his/her Chapter. The Chapter Membership Chair upon receipt of the rosters from International Headquarters will compare them to the local Chapter database and make all corrections and updates. The updated Chapter roster is then returned to the Director of Membership at the International Headquarters. It is the Chapter's responsibility to keep the International Headquarters informed of all member and roster changes.
  4. Data contained in a local Chapter's roster (or any IRWA roster of any type) shall not be released to any person or organization for promotional sales or related purposes, unless the purpose and/or program has been approved as an IRWA Member Benefit program.
  5. The IRWA membership database also resides on the Association's Website, and the database is searchable.

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Membership Mailing Labels

Mailing labels are provided to Chapters, Regions, International Committees, individuals and organizations for the purpose of benefiting the members as follows (Examples may include education courses, seminars and meeting notices):

  1. For courses/meetings where IRWA headquarters is asked to provide labels, no charge will be made for providing the mailing labels in an electronic format. 
  2. For courses/meetings where IRWA headquarters is requested to provide brochures for the course/meeting, the costs are delineated in the course sponsorship agreement.
  3. For IRWA Chapter, Region and International Committee official IRWA business (No Charge). Examples: Chapter wants to send copies of its news letter to the IEC members; Region wants to send a letter to all Chapter Presidents in its Region; International Committee wants to send out meeting notice to its committee members.
  4. Individuals requesting labels are required to forward the material they wish to distribute to IRWA Headquarters for approval. Labels will not be provided for solicitation or promotional sales that do not benefit the members.

Chapter/Region Online Directory Tools

Rather than maintain separate databases, chapter leaders have the option of using the existing IRWA online directory to create directories, email their members and create mailing labels.