Archives 1970 - 1979

December 1979
Coal Hauling Is Important To Continued Rail Success John E. Murray
Love Canal — A Challenge For New York's Right of Way Agents Joseph A. Fogarty
Pipelines Can Transport Coal Slurry T.L. Thompson
The Functional Versus Physical Right of Way: A Plea for Concept Expansion David R. Levin
Two More States Rule on Uncompensated Regulatory Takings Gideon Kanner
Who Is Responsible For Relocation Costs in Mandatory Dedications? Mary Turi and H. Van Towle, SR/WA 
September 1979
Establish Communication With A Pre-Negotiation Interview Kenneth C. Suhr, SR/WA, CRA, CFFA
Panel Discusses Mandatory Dedication Mary Turi and H. Van Towle, SR/WA 
Public Awareness Committee Goal's Cited Chris Herstam
Suffolk County Acquires Farmland Development Rights William Lockwood
Surface Mass Transit System Can Pose Legal Problems Raymond Drebin
Transmission Line Rights of Way Can Be Uses For Snow Dumping William S. Scott
Transportation, Urban Growth and Energy are Linked Derwin H. Davis, SR/WA
What Is The Public Agency Real Estate Professional's Role In A Tax Revolt Era? Jean Diaz, SR/WA
July 1979
Does the Appraisal Format Fit The Severance Damage Case? David M. Champagne
How We Acquired Land For a Marine Terminal Arthur J. Morr
Let's Evaluate Rights of Way Acquisition Programs for Transmission Lines Richard L. Anderson
Port of Oakland Manages Extensive Properties Wallace Mersereau, SR/WA
Remedies in Inverse Condemnation—A New Ballgame? Gideon Kanner
Steel Arch Bridge Surpasses Records  
May 1979
Eminent Domain Is Traced to Biblical Times Richard L. Huxtable
Is The Bloom Off Urban Redevelopment? Gideon Kanner
Marinas Can Increase Port Income Donald E. Hillman, Jr., SR/WA
New Markets for Right of Way Appraisers James V. Hyde, Jr, SR/WA, MAI, SRPA
Northern Tier Pipeline Will Serve Upper Midwest States Thomas C. Kryzer
Real Estate Appraisal: The World's Newest Profession H. Bob Stellmacher
Revenue Leasing Program Provides a Tool for Change Douglas L. Jones, SR/WA
Who Handles Utility Relocation in State Highway Agencies? Ronald L. Williams, SR/WA, PE
March 1979
Balancing Ecology & Economy: The Unannounced Right of Way  
BPA Proving UHV Transmission is Economical and Acceptable  
Energy Planning in the Forest Environment of Arkansas Rudy W. and Michael A. Fielek Thornton
Energy Planning in the Forest Environment of Arkansas Michael A. and Rudy W. Thornton Fielek
Ontario's First Ombudsman Explains Landowner Feelings Arthur Maloney, Q.C.
Relocation Assistance in Relation to Landlords Gideon Kanner
The Route and Right of Way of the US—Canadian Gas Pipeline John G. McMillan
The Structure of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission D. S. Smith
The Structure of the National Energy Board J.G. Stabback
What's Wrong With Relocation Louis S. Allen, Jr.
January 1979
Coal Slurry Pipeline Benefits Cited W. Pat Jennings
Condemnation in Blight: How Now California? Jones v. People 22Cal. 3d. 114. Gideon Kanner
MTC Works to Conserve Energy and Land Harold Gilbert
Negotiating Right of Way Between Railroads and Utilities Samuel Levy
Right of Way Existing Route Locations Louis E. Clarke
The Oregon Liaison Program J. Bruce Boyd, PE, LS
The Right of Way Agent As a Professional John J. Conrado
Trends in Transportation B.G. Cloyd
December 1978
Avigation Easement Valuation Greer A. Allen
Frank C. Balfour 1894-1978  
How Management Consultants Evaluate Relocation Program Herbert L. Selesnick
Legal—The Relocation Assistance Act's Applicability to Personal Property in Inverse Condemnation Actions Gideon Kanner
Public Transportation: An Update B.R. Stokes
Secondary Uses of Utility Fee-Owned Land Gloria E. Marlatt
The Future Looks A Lot Like What We Have Today Rodney E. Engelen
September 1978
Appraisal and Acquisition of Avigation Easements for Airport Clearance Bruce W. Hunter
Easements and Associated Rights Franco Hogue
National Legislation Affecting Land Use Marilyn Klein
Right of Way in the Bell System: 'The Need for Professionalism' David E. Punches, SR/WA
The Highway Right of Way Problem Frank C. Balfour, SR/WA
July 1978
Canadian Energy & Environmental Impact Donald C. Ingram
Computer Selection of Utility Routes D. A. Peterson
Historical Preservation & Mitigating Measures Lloyd J. Jacobs
Role of the Right of Way Agent in Highway Project Planning John L. Bell
Unique Problems in Hawaii's Airport Development Owen Miyamoto
May 1978
Environment: Friend or Foe? Johannan Norris
Land Size Adjustments: An Empirical Test Gene Dilmore
The Psychology of Negotiation Gordon F. Shea
The Search for Truth in Eminent Domain—The Theory and Art of Cross Examination of Witnesses in Condemnation Proceedings Sidney Z. Searles
TVA's Solution to the Energy Crisis Aubrey J. Wagner
March 1978
Professional Responsibility of the Right of Way Agent in These Changing Times Y.T. Lum, SR/WA, MAI, SREA, SRA, CRE, CPM, CCIM
The Relationship Between the Appraiser and the Relocation Assistance Specialist Wayne F. Kennedy, SR/WA
The Right of Way Future in Transportation James V. Hyde, Jr.
The Selection and Design of Highway Noise Barriers Charles H. Snow
Transmission Right of Way and the Environment David F. Perry
January 1978
Evaluation of Participative Management in the Division of Right of Way Derwin H. Davis, SR/WA
Focus—How to Negotiate a 'House Swap' For Your Vacation William C. Krieger
How Changes in Environmental Impact Statements Affect Right of Way Operations Frederick Gottemoeller
Right of Way and the Energy Problem Joseph A. Pelletier
Right of Way Contributions to the Planning Process Earl T. Newton, Jr.
December 1977
AR/WA and Public Agency Property Managers Wallace D. Mersereau, SR/WA, MAI
Conflicts Between Appraisers, Attorneys and Right of Way Agents Max J. Derbes, SR/WA
Dealing With Environmental Problems Keith Knutson
Environmental Impact Evaluation L. Russell Freeman
Future of Women in Right of Way Margaret M. Kagller
September 1977
Appraising for Sale and Secondary Use William W. Abelmann, CRE, SREA, MAI
Freeway Park – Bicentennial Project in Seattle Keith L. Densley, SR/WA
Negotiating for Highway Rights of Way H.J. Lewis
Noise Control on Minnesota Highways Russell Gustafson, ARA, MAI
The Environment and the Right of Way Professional Robert W. Baker, P.E.
July 1977
Corps of Engineers Permit Program Introduction & Background D. E. Derringer, Jr.
Managing Attrition James V. Hyde, Jr.
The Corps of Engineers Permit Program Gerald Chastain
The Uniform Eminent Domain Code Nolan H. Rogers
May 1977
Challenges of Public Property Management Richard E. Matheny
Facing the Energy Future: Let's Have Some Guidelines Aubrey J. Wagner
History Repeats Itself As Railroads Bock Coal Slurry Pipelines Ginny Partridge
Railroads Have the Capacity to Handle the Nation's Coal-Hauling Job L.W. Menk
March 1977
Endangered Species Act – Further Land Use Control Ralph Kline, Jr., SRA
The Application of Subdivision Analysis in Estimating Market Value of Raw Land Acreages for Condemnation Purposes Y.T. Lum, SR/WA, MAI, SREA, SRA, CRE, CPM, CCIM
The Current Outlook for Energy Fuels Wallace W. Wilson
January 1977
Land Use: Historical Review and Present Setting Robert C. Einsweiler, AIP
Real Estate Transit—A Continuing Program From Planning To Disposal Nicholas Roll
Right of Way Group Suffers Rate of Dinosaur: Extinction Richard E. Davis
The Appraiser's Bible in the Environment Era Arch L. Blackard
The Future of the Single Family Home Donald P. Reynolds
November 1976
How Are Utility Right of Way Professionals of 1976 Assisting Their Companies or Agencies in Resolving Environmental Problems? James W. Couture
How Can AR/WA Contribute to the Planning Process? James A. Roberts, Ph.D.
Pacific Gas and Electric Company Land Department's Contribution to Resolving Its Company's Problems Nolan Daines
Park 'N Pool – Carpooling in Southern California William P. Hoy, SR/WA
The Alaskan Pipeline: Right of Way Appraisal Technique Gary Hoagland
The Impact of the Energy Crisis on AT&T James T. Monahan
September 1976
Conflict Resolution and the Role of the Right of Way Acquisition Agent John P. Wilson, Ph.D.
Land: The Ultimate Investment Y.T. Lum, SR/WA
Precondemnation Damages: The Shadow of Coming Events Milnor E. Gleaves, SR/WA
The Appraiser's Approach to Noise Damage James V. Hyde, Jr., MAI
The New AR/WA Educational Course 601 – Right of Way and the Environment Barry L. Peterson
June/July 1976
Case of the Month – Underground: Atlanta or It's A Mall World Milnor E. Gleaves, SR/WA
Differences Between Condemnation Appraising and Appraising for the Private Sector C.M. Follevaag
Environmental Quality and Land Use Shelly M. Mark
The Economy and Energy William P. Gramm
The Problem of Mitigation in Environmental Effects Ernest S. Collins
Where is My Corridor Gurdon H. Wattles
April/May 1976
A Partial Taking – Different Viewpoints Carl L. Todd, SR/WA, ASA
Bureau of Land Management's Corridor Nolan H. Daines
Coordination: Voluntary or Mandated Orbie M. Campbell
Relocating the Mobile Home Court Victor C. Hammer
Right of Way Professionals Need Professional Records Management O. Crawford Jenkins, CRM
The Consultant's Role in Environmental Matters L. Ellis Walton, Jr.
February/March 1976
Farmland Market Production, Etc. James D. Cannon
Federal Highway Administration Public Works Programs Joseph M. O'Connor
Impact of California Transportation Planning and Use Donald E. Burns
Multiple and Recreation Use of Right of Way Otis F. Koske, SR/WA
Right of Way in the Planning Stage Ben Ashford
The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation – Its Origin, Its Purpose, Its Function Robert S. Gamble and Ann Webster Smith 
December 1975/January 1976
A Reformulation of the Real Estate Appraisal Process Edwin N. Rams
Aerial Photography in Relation to Right of Way Acquisition Michael C. Kaminski
American Right of Way Association's Environment Committee – Its Goals and Activities Earl T. Newton, Jr.
Anywhere, U.S.A., Department of Highways vs. Hannah Rosebud Hughes Tommye E. Owings
Down-Zoning and the Constitutional Right to Compensation for Damage to Private Property Milnor E. Gleaves, SR/WA
Energy Dilemma William F. Bennett
Feasibility Study of Joint Use of Interstate Highway Right of Way G. D. Ziegenhorn
Impact of a Port on the Right of Way Profession George H. Stein
Ontario Hydro's Use of Information Centres in Open Planning Neil J. McMurtrie
Public Acceptance – The New Right of Way Challenge C.E. Hathaway
The Effect of Power Line Structures and Easements on Farm Land Values Dean J. A. Brown
The Role of Biology in Environmental Studies George Camougis
Use of Contract Right of Way Personnel John J. Coates, Jr.
October/November 1975
Access to Higher Education Loren Baritz, Ph.D.
Improving the Stature of the Right of Way Department William F. Howard
Key Environmental Periodicals for Use by Right of Way Professionals Barry L. Peterson
Land Use Planning and Air Pollution John Robson
Public Acceptance – The New Right of Way Challenge Wade S. Manning, SR/WA
The Future of Railroads in North America Benjamin S. Zodikoff
Workload Measurement and Computer Program for Right of Way Activities Keith L. Densley
August 1975
Are We Meeting the Challenge? Harold Gilbert
Condemnation and the Louisiana Constitution of 1974 Albert Tate, Jr.
Pacific Legal Foundation Report on Land Use Donald M. Pach
Property Line or Legal Descriptions Are Like Short Stores . . . Good and Bad! Michael C. Kaminski
Standard Markings for Underground Facilities David E. Punches, SR/WA
The Important Role of the Federal Regional Councils in the Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Program Roy H. Bowman
Transportation and Air Pollution Robert J. Probst
June 1975
Energy Demands Affect Right of Way Acquisition R. T. Partridge
Is There a Real Estate Counselor in Your Future? Howard W. Dunham, Jr., SR/WA, CRE, SREA, MAI
Legal Aspects of Appraisal for Condemnation Carroll R. Graham
Mass Transportation and the Right of Way Profession Raymond Dreben
Obligations of a Right of Way Company Before and After Rights of Way Arch F. McCasland
Right of Way Professionalism Harley N. Dold
April 1975
An Almost Forgotten Approach to Value: The Human Touch Roger Poulos
Growth, Resources and Land Use Planning Shiraz R. Kaderali
Land Use Concerns W. J. Yurko
Land Use Regulations – Just Compensation: The Diminution of Value Theory David M. Fleming, SR/WA
Management by Exception Donald E. Hillman, Jr.
Once More With Feeling Charles J. Marrs
Right of Way Man as a Public Relations Man Donald M. Landes
February 1975
Advanced Appraisal System Requirements and Design Joseph F. Keely, SRPA, MAI
Dallas Fort Worth Super Airport Jack U. Simmons
Electrical Energy Considerations in Land Use Planning Ralph A. Donat
Highway Traffic Noise A.F. Laube
Measuring Mania James W. Watkins
The Effect of Urban Expressways on Adjacent Land Values W.G. Wigle
Twilight of An Era – A New Value for Service Stations Paul S. Townsend, MAI
Valuation of Air Rights James W. Thorington
December 1974
Citizen Participation: Friend or Foe Des Conner
Engineering, Environment and Right of Way James H. Addison
Environmental and Land Use Controls, Updated Richard L. Riemer, SR/WA
Environmental Statements: Both Sides of the Fence Keith K. Knutson
Interstate Right of Way Occupation Horace Johnson, SR/WA
Net Value Gain Potential Subdivision Acreage M.C. McDiarmid, AACI
Net Value Loss Potential Subdivision Acreage M.C. McDiarmid, AACI
Problems of Land Use Planning Gordon L. Walgren
Public Relations and the Right of Way Man: Public Relations – It's the Real Thing Charles W. Ede
October 1974
American Right of Way Association N.C. Storch
Condemnation Bruce A. Ring
Environmental Guidelines for Public Works Planning – An Examination of Highway Action Plans John H. Shurbier
Evaluation of Appraisers as an Appraiser and Witness Keith L. Densley, SR/WA
Forty Years of Progress – The ARWA Robert R. Stone, SR/WA
Interstate Right of Way Occupation Horace Johnson, SR/WA
Nature and Scope of Easements in Canada and the Acquisition of Regulatory Permits Carl von Einsiedel
Report of Transportation Research Board  
Slurry Pipeline Systems Terry L. Thompson
Sound Negotiation Policy and Procedure Frank C. Balfour
The Valuation of a Railroad Right of Way for a Recreational Trail William H. Ball
Utilities Role in Land Use Planning S.R. Kaderali
August 1974
Environment vs. Highways Equals Frustration Robert E. Smith, SR/WA
Expropriation – Urban Sites for Industrial Parks Guy Saint Pierre
Human Value Lawrence S. Banks
Increasing the Right of Way Image in the Eyes of Higher Management Harold L. Booch, SR/WA
Louisiana Offshore Oil Port W.B. Read
Moving Toward an Electric Economy Energy – Man's Servant or Nemesis? W.J. Spinabella
Pipelines and Controlled Access Highways Walter G. Wigle, P.Eng
Regulation, Procedures and Planning Rights of Way Across Forest-Administered Lands Keith K. Knudson
The Burnham Coal Gasification Complex J. P. Musick, Jr.
The Effective Administration of Right of Way Acquisition Ray W. Burgess
The Molding of Right of Way Appraisers Jack K. Mann, MAI
The Opportunity for the Right of Way Profession in this Environmental Era Robert M. Beeman, SR/WA
The Social Implications of Relocation Assistance Cynthia Straker
Where We Stand . . . And Where We're Going Norbert T. Tiemann
June 1974
An Appraiser's Consideration of Highway Noise Effects Joseph F. Keely, MAI, SRPA
Appraisal of Machinery Sol Roitman, ASA
More and More, My Values Are Becoming Expressionless Robert P. Rist, SR/WA
Reflections on a Powerline Condemnation Trial: City of Tallahassee vs. Lawhon, et al 115 KV Line Phillip Pickens
April 1974
800 Pipeline Condemnation Cases Later Howard D. McCloud
Caltrans – Its New Role and Direction Thomas R. Lammers
Excuses for the Boss or: Is Professionalism Necessary? Horace L. Johnson, SR/WA
Highway Planning and Noise Damage Analysis Edwin M. Rams
Keeping Our Options Open Robert J. Datel
Value of a Partial Interest Howard W. Dunham, Jr., SR/WA, MAI, CRE, SREA
February 1974
An Overview and a Look Ahead Karl E. Baetzer, SR/WA
Appraisal of Outdoor Advertising Signs and Sites Joseph A. Linscott
Controlling Loyalties Edwin M. Whiting, SR/WA
Market Data Comparison, Its Methods and Techniques Y.T. Lum, SR/WA, MAI, CRE, SRA, SERA, CPM, CCIM
The Effects of Rights of Way on Remainder Values Robert K. Brown, Ph.D., SRA, AIP
The Energy Crisis and Energy Shortage Pat Smittle
The Engineer's Contribution in the Acquisition of Right of Way Frank A. Jenkins
The Lease Option – An Innovation for Leasehold Development George H. Cormack
December 1973
A Case History – Undergrounding Electric Power Facilities Within and Along a Freeway John Berkowitz
An Unusual Appraisal Fred C. Ashley, SR/WA, ASA
Highest & Best Use – Considerations & Limitations Mark H. Klafter
Making Adjustments With Various Pitfalls Regarding Use of Comparable Sales Alfred G. Rasor
Reprieve For Right of Way Residences Avery Sedell
Technique of Direct Sales Comparison in Right of Way Valuation Max J. Derbes, Jr., SR/WA
The Valuation of Special Use Properties in Right of Way Appraising William Zirkel
October 1973
A Farewell to the Past Norbert T. Tiemann
Appraising Noise Damages on Federal-Aid Highway Projects E.B. Atherton
Perspectives of Valuation Y.T. Lum, SR/WA, MAI, CRE, SRA, SREA, CPM, CCIM
Plan Alone and Fail Together John M. Peacock
Probability of Possibility of Rezoning: The Valuation Dilemma Stanley Z. Goodfarb
Relocation Assistance Victor H. Eichhorn, SR/WA
Transportation Corridors: How Many Uses? Lorne Ream
Zoning Limitations and Change Robert C. Stubbs
August 1973
Coping With Noise Harter M. Rupert, PE
Ecological and Environmental Considerations in Rights of Way Beatrice E. Willard, Ph.D.
Energy Resources  
Professionalism – Who Needs It? You Do! John E. Day, SR/WA, MAI
Sharing the Right of Way W. Eli Strich
The Distaff Side of Right of Way Tommye E. Owings
The Right of Way Practitioner: Does He Have a Professional Future? Dexter D. MacBride
Using the Appraiser Effectively Warren R. Kershow
June 1973
Preparation of the Case of the Public Taking Ralph L. Kaskell, Jr.
Significant Snares in Service Station Appraisal Guy V. Smith
The New Right of Way Agent – A New Breed of Cat George A. Erickson
Utilities and Highways Relocation and Accommodation J.E. Kirk
April 1973
California – Environmental Impact Studies Strom A. Allman
Engineering a Better Environment James l. Everett
Environmental Imagineering R.W. Patrick
Forest Tenure, Cruising and Appraisal in British Columbia L. Gary Kenwood, RPF, RI (BC)
Our Public Rights of Way Verne R. Brown
The Advanced Land Acquisition Approach Warren W. Kershow
February 1973
Development of Management Capability David R. Levin
Economics of Right of Way Valuation Course in April  
Electric Transmission Right of Way Policy Max J. Derbes, Jr., SR/WA
Environmental Problems Associated With Land Acquisition C.H. McConnell
Guide to Appraisal Reporting Howard W. Dunham, Jr., SR/WA, MAI, SREA
Land Use Policy, Planning Assistance Act  
Report of Committee on Practical Applications of Multiple-Use of Right of Way Otis F. Koske, SR/WA
Right of Way and Liaison in the Bell System David E. Punches, SR/WA
Utility Space Allocations on Public Rights of Way Verne R. Brown
Who Says What Property Value Is? Alf Collins
December 1972
A Summary of Professional Negotiations Tips James V. Hyde, Jr., MAI, SRA
Address By the Honorable John D. Vanderhoof Lieutenant Governor of the State of Colorado  
Appraiser's Responsibility to Both Condemnor and Owner Adelbert W. Lee, SR/WA
Development and Environment – Can You Have Both? Hollis R. Goff
Is There a Difference in Right of Way Agents? George Midgett, SR/WA
Let's Talk About Oil William C. "Bill" Sneed, SR/WA
Memorandum to a Right of Way Aide Dee Morgan
Public Acquisition in the 70s Richard F. Marshall
Recommended Right of Way Practices  
S-1: Every Man's Home Is (More Nearly) His Castle Dexter D. MacBride, ASA, JD
October 1972
Damages for Environmental Impact in Condemnation: 'The New York View' Gary M. Soho
Hints and Comments on Buying Land Effectively Warren W. Kershow
How the New Land Economic Studies Committee Retrieval Systems Works L. E. Walton, Jr.
Notes for a Neophyte Appraiser Roger Poulos
The Appraiser on Trial Joseph S. Seidel, Esq.
August 1972
A Capital Rendez-Vous M. Laurent Auger
Canada – Its Facts, Historical Development and Government Charles W. Ede
It's a Little Different G. C. Stuart
Liaison – A Way of Life J. V. Hassell
National Energy Board Act – Re: Pipeline Right of Way C. Von Einsiedel
Relocation Assistance Victor C. Hammer
Right of Way Acquisition in a Period of Social Upheaval Ernest S. Collins
Right of Way Acquisition Program for the Subway System in Metropolitan Toronto Douglas W. Rochester
The Appraisal of Riparian Rights F. M. Cunningham
June 1972
Machinery and Equipment: The Stepchild in Eminent Domain Proceedings Joseph S. Seidel, Esq.
Non-Conforming or Interim Use Improvements Kenneth R. Wheeler
Program Offered to Reduce Divergencies Sanders A. Kahn, Ph.D.
Report of the National Right of Way Valuation Committee Max J. Derbes, Jr.
Role of Ecologists in Urban Design R. S. Dorney
Two Sides of the Center Line A.P. Collins
Verbal Statement to National Transportation Safety Board on Behalf of the American Right of Way Association Houston. B. Southern
Where the Action Is Anne Attebury
April 1972
A Transportation Theory of Urban Land Rent James E. Lewis, Ph.D.
Highways and Street Goals for the Seventies Thomas F. Airis
Highways, How We Can Construct the Ones Needed David H. Fisher
Public Relations or Public Reactions, What Will It Be? Jerry C. Carter
Right of Way Valuation Revolution and Revelation Byrl N. Boyce
The Right of Way . . . To Success! R.G. Dick Sutherland
What Can a Right of Way Man Do to Help the Attorney Win His Case? James H. Gray
What the Claims Come In – From An Auditor's Viewpoint James A. Williams
February 1972
A Funny Thing Happened to Me on My Way to the Witness Stand Irwin J. Steinberg
A Search for Social Equity Philip Schorr
Development and the Environment – You Can Have Both Lynn Seeber
Negotiations – US. Government Controlled Lands Ray Barrett
Planning and Coordination – The Imperatives of an Advanced Civilization James Manoussoff
Public Works Projects and the Environment William R. Gianelli
Right of Way Acquisitions, Law and Politics John C. Payne
Right of Way Ethics . . . A Set of Values Horace L. Johnson
The Pathos Side of Right of Way C.L. Bud Gumeson
Viewpoint J. Thomas Uranker
What Virginia Learned About Public Hearings L. Ellis Walton, Jr.
December 1971
Creed B. Card Address Appraisers Creed B. Card
Engineering for Right of Way Sam Rogers and Larry Ward 
Is There a Difference in Right of Way Agents? Purvy L. Stone
Managerial Vision Richard E. Matheny
Principles of Evaluation Under the Allodial System Harry J. Joachim
Problems in Condemnation William T. Powers, Jr.
Real Estate and the Ecology Karl G. Pearson
Report of the Highway Research Board  
Social Values in Dollars? Yes! Carl A. Todd, SR/WA, ASA
The Development and Current Status of Right of Way Management in Ontario Hydro M.R. Gardner
Timber Land Rights of Way to the Year 2000 Max J. Derbes, Jr., MAI
October 1971
An Educational Program for Personal and Professional Development M.B. Davidson and H. Charles Pyron, Ph.D.   
Chapter Meetings – An Educational Tool Max J. Derbes, Jr., MAI
Historical Perspectives on Right of Way Professionalism Charles M. Fornaci
Rx: Education Dexter D. MacBride
The International Education Committee – A Long Row to Hoe – But Rewarding William C. Krieger
The New AR/WA Communications Course I: How Good Is It? Gordon C. Inskeep
The Power of Professional Education Gene L. Land
Yield R.W. Patrick
August 1971
Acquisition of Right of Way for Highways in Oklahoma Jim D. Webb
Damages Recoverable in a Partial Taking John S. Palmore, LL.B.
Highway Program, Present and Future V.B. Unsell
Report of the Highway Research Board  
Roads and Right of Way Men Robert Moses
The Right of Way Agent – a 'Jack of All Trades?' Charles O. Hartwell
Tidal Water Boundaries Paul T. O'Hargan, LS
June 1971
A Common Sense Approach to Negotiations John D. Knecht
A Judge Looks at Appraisers and Engineers Marvin W. Foote
Continuing Education: For Adults Only? Thomas L. O' Connor
How the Right of Way Agent Can Help Attorney Houston B. Southern
Power and the Public James A. Fitzpatrick
Public Utility Planning Roman A. Statz
Report on the Highway Research Board  
Think Metric Donald E. Clark
Unique Procedures in Land Acquisition Warren W. Kershow
Zoning Trends T.L. Carlson
April 1971
California Pioneers Novel Plan to House Freeway Displacees  
Development of Photogrammetric Methods in Right of Way Operations Robert L. Art
History, Powers, Procedures and Duties of the Federal Eminent Domain Commission Harry J. Joachim
National Education Program Homer M. Peck
Pipeline Problems Alan J. Van Horn
The Theory of Eminent Domain Richard L. Riemer
The Tremendous Cost of Protest of Public Projects Max. J. Derbes, Jr., MAI
February 1971
Advance Acquisition Under the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1968 Tamara Jacobs
An Inventory of Utility-Highway Matters for Highway Officials J.E. Kirk
Environment and Right of Way Planning George T. Marcou
Expropriation in Canada P.A.C. Tynan
Institutions for Effective Management of the Environment David R. Levin
Involvement of Public Utilities in Transportation William R. Mertz
Making the Most of Comparable Sales (When There Aren't Any) Charles O. Hartwell
Pipelines, Is Your Environment Showing? Glen F. Graves
Report of the Highway Research Board  
Simplification of Federal-Aid Highway Procedures F. C. Turner
The Right of Way Agent David E. Punches, SR/WA
December 1970
Current Problems in Appraisal and Review Appraisal Procedures T.H. Bovard
Economic Effect of High Voltage Transmission Line Construction on Adjoining Properties Richard M. Rhodes, SR/WA, MAI
Environmental Considerations – The Land Leslie L. Glasgow
Highlights of Proposed Revisions in Federal Highway Relocation Assistance Regulation David R. Levin
Need for Environmental And Aesthetic Feasibility Studies R. W. Patrick
Report of the Highway Research Board  
The Interstate System: a Return on Investment Analysis – Its Implications for Land Economic Studies L. Ellis Walton, Jr.
Training a Right of Way Agent John D. Flournoy
Value Concept for the Student Appraiser Harry J. Joachim
October 1970
A Suggested Technique for the Appraisal of Partial (Cube) Taking from an Office Building Herbert D. Brooker, SRA
An Example of Trainee Orientation Richard E. Matheny
Comparable Sales Adjustments – Fact or Fancy? Sander A. Kahn
Coordinates in Land Title Records Gurdon H. Wattles
Damages Due to Restriction of Access to Service Stations – Cause and Measurement Clifford R. Johnson, SR/WA, SRA, MAI
Environment and the Courts Tamara Jacobs
Environment, Economics and Electric Utility Rights of Way R.S. Thorselland H.J. Young 
Idiosyncrasies of Urban Renewal Land Acquisition & Disposition Theodore W. Oberndorf, ASA
Legal Criteria of Damages and Benefits – The Measurement of Taking-Caused Damages to Untaken Property Albert Tate, Jr.
Report of the Highway Research Board  
August 1970
Cost to Cure: Just Compensation Ed Kelly, ASA
Network Analysis and Mechanization as a Tool for Acquisition Monitoring Bruce E. Beddow and Louis Griebler 
Problems in Achieving Just Compensation – From the Viewpoint of the Appraiser Y.T. Lum, SR/WA, MAI, SRA, SREA, CRE, CPM, CCIM
Report of the Highway Research Board  
Significant Snares in Service Station Appraisal Guy V. Smith
The Life of a Wife of a Right of Way Man Vivian Anne Morrill
The Right of Way Man Today William C. Hennessy
June 1970
Accommodating Utilities Within Highway Right of Way J.E. Kirk
Before and After – Fact or Fiction? John V. Mulcahy
Joint Utility Corridors Pros & Cons Actor T. Abbot, Jr.
New Federal Environmental Policy Legislation David R. Levin
Noise Pollution Maurice A. Brown
Report of Meeting with House of Representatives Public Works Committee Karl E. Baetzner
Summary – Eminent Domain Questionnaire Otis K. Koske
The Reviewing Appraiser James V. Hyde, Jr., MAI
What An Acquisition Isn't Raymond Drebin
April 1970
Farm Appraisal Problems Ross Mellor, MAI
How California Assists People Who Are in Right of Way Harry L. Kagan
Inflation Calls for Reevaluation of Priorities Leo E. Eickhoff, Jr.
Multiple Use Explored for Shrinking Rights of Way  
Planning for Multiple Use of Rights of Way at BART Wallace D. Mersereau, MAI
Relocation Problems & Solutions JJ Smith
The Appraiser of Tomorrow John P. Dolman
The Effect of Federal Regulations on Pipelines – New Pipeline Construction and Old Pipelines in Place William Wilson
February 1970
Acquiring Land for Highways Gaylund Adams
Environmental Quality and the Role and Responsibility of Right of Way Harry L. Kagan
Isolate or Integrate – The Right of Way Story of the Future R.W. Patrick
Land Acquisition Memorandum David R. Levin
Measuring the Need for Right of Way Acquisition Jerome Dasso
Multiple Use of Rights of Way J.F. Shugrue
Police Power Versus Eminent Domain in Right of Way Paul W. Brown
Public Relations Are Perishable Bruce Harriman
Report of the Highway Research Board