Archives 1980 - 1989

December 1989
A Format Approach to Administrative Settlements David Leighow
Implicit Value and Risk Perception: Sales of Floodplain Property William A. Donnelly
Minimizing Hazardous Waste Settlement Liabilities Tom K. Martella
Recording Priority of a Non-Disturbance Agreement Jim Harmon
The Role of Real Property Taxes in a Condemnation Action Roderick D. MacMillian
USEPA's Shift in Focus Toward Enforcement—The Implication to Property Right of Way Acquisition David B. Winsor
October 1989
Land: A Question of Value John S. Mitchell
Landfills Become Landscapes: The American Park Revolution Dan Treadaway
Long Range Transportation Planning Dave Haley
Property Management—A Proposal Robert E. Forrest, SR/WA
The Shape of Things to Come—Rooftop Regulations Terry Jill Lasser
The Theory of Excess Land Roger Poulos, MAI, SRPA, CRA
Transit 2000  American Public Transit Association
What's the Use? —Most Probable Use Versus Highest and Best Use Steve Thair
August 1989
Computer Predicts Migration of Toxic Wastes Through Soils William Heimbach
Contra Costa County Links Transportation Tax to Growth Management Eric S. Zell
Growing Numbers of Canadian Electric Utilities are Developing Formal Environmental Auditing Procedures  
Law & the Appraiser: airy stories—how high is up? Dr. Eric C.E. Todd
Lessor Beware—A Land lease is usually a partnership Robert Wetmore
Local Public Agency Transportation Projects Review Responsibility Clyde B. Johnson, SR/WA
Relocation Issues Robert H. Shober
Taking the Show Under the Road  
Trends in Farmland Values  Courtesy of the Farm Credit Corp, Ottawa, Canada
When Uncle Sam Makes a Mess, Who Is in Charge of Cleaning It Up? Elder Witt
June 1989
A System to Handle Hazardous Wastes and Petroleum Products Encountered by Right of Way Acquisition Tom K. Martella
Bureau of Land Management Right of Way Grant Not Required for Fiber-Optics Line within Railroad Right of Way  
Easement Does It Michael Segell
Some Good News for Joint Use of Federally Granted Railroad Right of Way Charles H. Montagne
The Pretrial Process Commissioner Herbert M. Klein
April 1989
Archaeology, Business and the Public Judy L. Brunson
Effective Communication Philip D. Speiss
Project America James G. Donohue
Public Utility Easements in Railroad Rights of Way George R. Karvel
Valuing the Probability of Rezoning William B. Knipe III
February 1989
A Case for Fiber Optic Systems for Interstate Highways Alfred G. Walton, Esq.
Attorneys, Appraisers, Appraisals and the Law Mark James Caywood
Easement Valuation Along Highway Frontage Edward A. Corey
Fiber Optics and Interstate Freeways—The Federal Perspective James A. Carney
Fiber Optics on Freeway Right of Way: The Flip Side Ronald L Williams, SR/WA
What is Fiber Technology Larry L. Hand
December 1988
A Primer on Preserving the Evidence in Surface Damage Case James R. Stevens, Jr. and Windylyn M. Von Zharen   
A Study of Personality Styles in Property Management Frank Basile, CPM
Compensation for Loss of Goodwill: The California Experiment Gary R. Rinchart
The Land and the Law Tim Darnell
Use of Highway Rights of Way by Utilities James A. Carney
Utility Delays in Highway Design and Construction Paul C. Kaczorowski
October 1988
Considerations in Buying a Mapping System Bill Elliot
Facilitating the Acquisition of Right of Way Through Eminent Domain Proceedings R. Dirk Campbell
Request for Proposal (RFP)—Opportunity or Nightmare? Michael R. Allen
Residential Proximity Damage Study William R. Lang
The State of US Infrastructure—National Council of Public Works Improvement  
Traffic Mitigation Developers C. Kenneth Orski
August 1988
A Crisis in the Organization: Governmental response to a thruway disaster, resulting in maximal effectiveness in a minimal time frame David Layne, SR/WA
British Columbia Enacts New Expropriation Legislation Douglas Harbicht, SR/WA
Fee Simple and Partial Interests  
Gas Storage Problems and Solutions George W. Thompson
Highway Funding Prospects Ray A. Barnhart
Valuation of Public Utility Property John D. Russell
June 1988
Application of Airborne Video Imagery to the Transmission Line Rout Selection and Approval Process: The Ontario Hydro and Alberta Power Experience R.N. Pierce and D.G. Smith 
Planning Transmission Rights of Way Through Developing Areas Mario E. Burszynski and Eric J. Chandler 
Putting the Land to Work Lisa Covington
Role of the Traffic Engineer in the Right of Way Acquisition Richard F. Beaubien
Southwestern Ontario Transmission: Integration of Unique Study Areas Within a Planning Process C.A. Bancroft-Wilson and W.S. Scott 
Valuation of Contaminated Properties Peter J. Patchin
April 1988
Impact of Powerlines on Cost of Crop Production M. David Norma and Lucas D. Parsch, Ph.D. 
Land Management Tools and Strategy C.H. Weir
Procedural Impacts on Project Management Richard C. Hurst
Southwestern Ontario Transmission: Designing a Route Selection Planning Program C.A. Bancroft-Wilson and W.S. Scott 
February 1988
At Long Last, The Supreme Court Speaks Out On the Taking Issue Lindell L. Marsh and Deborah M. Rosenthal 
Commuting Patterns and Trends in America Alan E. Pisarski
Direct Capitalization vs. Yield Capitalization: Appraisal of Public Utility Property Tom Tegarden
Research Pays Off—Hydraulic Model Determines Cost-Effective Flood Mitigation  
The Global Positioning System: A Case Study Kenneth M. Slaugenhoupt
December 1987
Appraisers' Perspectives on Industry Regulation: Is It Time? Barry A. Diskin, Patrick F. Maroney and Frank A. Vickory 
Bureau of Land Management Right of Way Update Theodore G. Bingham
Snow Fence Placement and Compatibility with Land Use David H. Young
The Landman's Paper Chase Michael A. Long
View Protection—A Capitol Idea Terry Jill Lassar
October 1987
Electric Field Measurements for 345-kv Transmission Lines David K. Bruening
High-Speed Rail in California—Avoidable Controversy Earl Shirley and George C. Smith 
Just Passing Through—Private Sector Developer on the Reservation Polly McW. Quick
Leadership and Problem Solving in Changing Times John P. Wilson
Michigan's Maze of Land and Water Management Laws Mark A. Wyckoff
Special-Use Authorizations on National Forest System Lands Ruben M. Williams
Transportation and Utility Corridors Larry L. Hand
August 1987
275 Miles of Fiber Optic Right of Way in Less Than a Year Douglas E. Jackson, Jr.
Busterback Ranch: Valuing Water Rights in a Scenic Easement Area Charles K. Thompson
Coping with Hazardous Waste in the Right of Way Acquisition Process James V. Hyde, Jr.
Florida's Money Game W. Forrest Norton, SR/WA
Illinois Bell Solves Fiber Optic Installation Problems with Special Designs  
Interpersonal Communication: Lubricating the Organization's Machinery Bonnie S. Baker and Tim S. Hopf   
The Appraisal of Small Hydroelectric Power Producers in Idaho L. Scott Erwin and R. Doyle Pugmire 
The Mitigation Muddle Patrick Phillips
June 1987
A China Experience—Pipeline Technology Delegation in China R.J.C. Dunsmore
Appraisal Review to Meet FHWA Requirements Louis M. Brooks
FERC Order 436—An Overview Orin Flanigan
I-565: The Huntsville Spur Donna Crosby
The Business of Communicating with the Media Bill Patterson
Transportation Management Associations C. Kenneth Orski
What's a COMP? Dave Davies
April 1987
Access for Commodity Development David Schaenen
Access: An Unprincipled Account Gordon C. Brittan
Access: Its Importance to Montana and the West Ted Schwinden
Conservation Easements: They Do Not Automatically Imply Public Access Robert Keisling
Federal Constitutional Issues Affecting Access to Public and Private Resources James L. Huffman
The Impact of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 on Real Estate and Right of Way Agents Larry D. Martin
What Do You Do When You Find Hazardous Waste on Your Right of Way Thomas H. Edwards
Who Owns That Vacated Street? Lewis E. Little
February 1987
Analysis of The NUCA's Proposed Fiber Optic Cable Installation Standards William S. Eliot
Hazardous Waste Issue and the Right of Way Process Dave Leighow
How to Appraise Agricultural Land in a Declining Market Donald Hoover
Sage Advice From the Review Appraiser Roger W. Hansen
Shootout at Columbia Gorge Douglas R. Porter
What a Right of Way Consultant Can Do for You John J. Coates, Jr.
December 1986
8 Approaches to the Valuation of Temporary Easements Dwight Pattison, SR/WA
Abandoned Railroad Rights of Way = Title Problems Herb Atkinson, SR/WA
An Historic Overview of How the Bureau of Land Management Values Rights of Way Ted Bingham
Backbone Fiber Optic Cable Installation Richard J. McConville
Communicating Your Ideas Arthur P. Pell, Ph.D.
Petaluma's Experiment in Growth Management Warren Salmons
The Sand River: Beauty and Power Paula Hancock
October 1986
Converting About-To-Be-Abandoned Railroad Rights of Way to Recreational Trails Charles H. Montagne
Court Testimony: An Appraisal of Oral Presentation Joseph E. Mainous
Environmental Considerations and Requirements Involved with Utility Projects Bruce R. Barrett
Guidelines for the Appraisal of Historic Properties Joe R. Price, SRPA, MAI, CRE
Long Distance Water Rights Ken Anderberg, Robert L. Smith and Les K. Lalmpe 
Right of Way of the Future: Pole Line to Laser Beams Ernest Franzoy
Safety and Liability Issues in Optical Fiber Communications J. Edwards, D.L. Philen, R.C. Petersen and A. Wakefoose 
August 1986
A Success Story: The Port of Kansas City John Madgett and Richard B. Tanksley 
Cut Right of Way Time – Not Federal Aid  O.R. Colan
How to Cope with Today's Insurance Crisis Jean M. Diaz, SR/WA
The Corridor Concept: Theory and Application June P. Klassen and Charles H. Weir, C.L.S., P.ENG 
Understanding Competing Theories of Negotiation John S. Murray
Use of City of Chicago Railway Tunnels for Fiber Optics Jerry P. Tapp
June 1986
Agency Appraisal Review David Cavanaugh
Application of Federal Mining Regulations to Construction of Ancillary Mining Facilities on Public Land Joe Liebhauser
Building Castles in the Air – An Air Rights 'Under and Overview' Robert F. Peters
Crest Street Community Negotiations Laura Bache, Laura Hill, and Tim Nifong 
Lawyers and Real Estate Appraisers – How They Can Prepare for Litigation Rex C. Howe
April 1986
Effective Selling of Utility Recreation Lands William L. Reid, SR/WA
Environmental Permits Related to Pipeline Construction Alan L. Smith, PhD, C.E.P.
Ethics and the Public Professional Robert Wilson, Esq.
The Environmental Perils of Land Management Jack D. Schumate
The Grizzly Moutain HVDC Transmission Research Facility Vernon L. Chartier, Robert J. Raleigh, and Jack M. Lee, Jr. 
The Tragedy of the Commons Revisited Donald Chance
Upgrading the Right of Way Function in the Eyes of Upper Management David E. Punches, SR/WA
February 1986
Condemnors Dilemma: Creative Real Estate Financing, a Threat to Just Compensation Dr. George R. Karvel
Deregulation: Another Word for Reregulation James H. Finnegan, SR/WA
Expediting Utility Adjustments on Highway Projects Ronald L. Williams, SR/WA
Rights of Way in Airspace: Prospects and Problems Andrew J. Demetriou
Splintered Rights J.A. Middleton, OLS, CLS
The Liaison Medium – or What's an International Liaison Committee Good For? R. B. Cridlebaugh, SR/WA
Use of Right of Way Consultants  O.R. Colan
December 1985
Agricultural Land Value Changes from Electric Transmission Lines: Implications for Compensation William E. Phillips and Robert R. Thompson 
Benefits from Multiple-Purpose Rights of Way in the Interior of British Columbia 1985 David R. Bakewell, R.P.F., P. Eng and B.G.E Buichon, B.Sc.A, SR/WA 
Decision Writing Kenneth J. Boyd
Selecting a Lease Index John Selling, CPM
Utility Powers Community Development Stuart L. Rogel
October 1985
The Wanaque South Project – New Jersey's Showpiece for Joint Use of Right of Way Charles M. Millspaugh
August 1985  
Acquiring Rights of Access and Surfaces Uses On Indian Lands Daniel H. Isreal
Pipeline Construction: Prevention of Impacts to Agricultural Lands S.A. Burgess and J.F. Famsey 
Property Management: An Electric Utility View R.J. Smith
Rails to Trails Bryan Holley and Ariel Rubissow 
June 1985
Container Terminal Leasing/Pricing Methods Thomas J. Dowd
Land Management and the Media: A Team for the Future Gordon R. Hauglie
Long Term Leasing of Public Buildings Robert J. Niccum
Maximizing Revenue from Development of Underutilized Public Agency Property W. Dennis Carroll, SR/WA
Natural Lands Preservation and the Profit Corporation James H. Davenport
Property Management: The New Right of Way Discipline Allison Persinger
Restoration in Lieu of Rent Charles W. McGovern
The Teleport: Telecommunication and Urban Growth Joseph A. Fogarty
April 1985
How to Save a Marsh by Creating One Gene Berthelsen
Pipeline Emplacement: Mitigating Environmental Impacts on Wetlands Michael A. Krone
Relocation Advisory Services Silas J. Maxwell
The Eminent Domain Case from the Condemnor's Viewpoint: Seizing the Advantage Michael H. Bailey
The Erosion of the Forest Land Base: A Canadian Example L.G. Hayley, SR/WA
Transmission Line Easement Effect on Rural Land in Northwest Wisconsin Craig L. Solum, SR/WA
Unearthing Toxic Wastes: New Ways to Deal Safely with a Buried Problem Jeff Cohen and W. E. Schaefer 
February 1985
Biological Effects of Overhead Electric Transmission Lines: A Technical or Social Issue Scott A. Smith
Consideration of Enhancements in the Appraisal Process Lawrence D. Dupree
In Opposition to the Opportunity Cost Doctrine Barry W. Ritchey
Property Management: A Railroad Viewpoint Richard Taylor
The Sensitive Art of Siting Treatment Facilities David F. Doyle and Paul B. Sorenson 
Western Resource Transport – A Multipurpose Pipeline Walter E. Fite and Morgan A. Greenwood 
December 1984
Changes to National Energy Board Act Eugene L. Fytche
Photogrammetry Use in Right of Way Management A.V. Miller
Private Property Rights Under Attack Frank N. Wilner
Public Consultation as an Integral Component of Utility Planning J.C. Dawson
Scenic Easements: Evaluation Considerations William F. Cantrell
October 1984
Application of the Opportunity Cost Doctrine to Right of Way Valuation Ahmed Kooros and Theodore Reynolds Smith 
Negotiations for Property Acquisitions Require More Than Just Opening Your Mouth Lorne M. Morton, SR/WA
Railroad Right of Way Appraisal James D. Jennings
Relocation of Businesses with Large Inventories William G. Griffin
Simplifying the Process of Preparing Option to Lease and Revenue Lease Documents Jean Diaz, SR/WA
August 1984
A Summary of Suggested Minimum Appraisal Standards  
Displacement Impact Analysis David Leighow
From Shotgun Survey to Data Base Gunther Greulich, PE, PLS
Mobility and Land Ownership: Factors in the Right of Way for Right of Way J. Edwin Becht
Purchasing the Agricultural Preservation Easement Donn A. Derr and Leslie Small   
Valuation of a Perpetual Easement Over Submerged Off Shore Lands William R. Beaton, Jerry Belloit, Thomas J. Dixon, and Saul Rosenberg 
June 1984
Appraisal of Pipeline Right of Way Carr T. Dowell
Compensation for Transmission Line Easements (What Price Power Poles?) James Cangelosi and Frank A. Condie Cangelosi
Leasehold Interests Robert Duncan
Sale Adjustments in Timber Appraisals Timothy D. Newman
Valuation, Acquisition and Development of Conservation Corridors on Abandoned Railroad Properties Mark C. Ackelson
Valuing Rights, Not Land James Hastings, SR/WA
Water Rights Appraising: An Overview of Systems and Problems Lyle C. Summers
April 1984
A Boston Fern…A Gaggle of Presidents…An End of an Era – IRWA from 1970-1980 Robert K. McCue, SR/WA
A Man and a Monument – Frank C. Balfour Richard L. Riemer, SR/WA
Education Lessons from the Past Directions for the Future George E. Midgett, SR/WA
Government and Administration [of the IRWA] David E. Punches, SR/WA
Our Association in Canada Charles F. Tidy
Our Association in the 1980s Robert L. Art, SR/WA
Professional Development: Why SR/WA William Kenney, SR/WA
The Education Foundation Charles M. Fornaci, SR/WA
The First 25 Years of the IRWA William L. Reid, SR/WA
The Wonder Years – IRWA from 1960-1970 William L. Reid, SR/WA
February 1984
How Professional Survey Practice Is Regulated in the United States LaMonte J. Urban
Monitoring LPA Acquisitions Michael Borelli
RWC: A Systems Approach to Right of Way Richard C. Hurst, SR/WA
Status of Research on Biological Effects of Transmission Line Electric and Magnetic Fields Jack M. Lee, Jr.
The BLM Road System Duane Tabb
December 1983
America's Arctic Lifeline William J. Robertson
High Voltage Transmission and Environmental Effects Aly A. Mahmoud and Dean R. Zimmerman 
Lidding of Right of Way Leads to Successful Lease Robert F. Peters
Pedestrian Guards for Utility Crossings William A. Woolford, P.E.
Pipelining Ain't What It Used to Be John D. Cale
Tenant Owned Improvements Revisited Dick Pyatt
The Public Agency Property Lease Jean M. Diaz, SR/WA
October 1983
Acquiring Right of Way Wayne Bruce and Ronald Calhoun 
Appraisal of Indian Reserve Lands Fred Singleton
Highway Safety and Utility Poles Van Towle, SR/WA
Real Estate Appraisal Malpractice: Liability and Damages Peter J. Mastaglio
Scenic Easements: A Unique Approach to Cooperative Management Robert F. Burford
The Effects of Pipelines on Agricultural Land Values Darrell Toma
The Interurban Trail Eris L. Donner
The Olympic Communications Network Sandra Ortiz and Jack Stewart 
August 1983
FHWA Awards Highway Design Excellence  
The City Center Experience—A Business Judith A. and William A Von Klug Von Klug
The Highway Beautification Program: A Federal Viewpoint Myron F. Laible
Use of Low-Level Photography to Manage Transmission Line Rights of Way Joe A. Johnson
June 1983
Biological Effects from Exposure to Transmission Lines Electromagnetic Fields Morton W. Miller
Colstrip: A Look at A Classic Jigsaw Acquisition Project Jim Couture, SR/WA
Selling Northern Michigan Riverlands William L. Reid, SR/WA
Woman's Place in Right of Way: Agent, Manager and Beyond Ione Good
April 1983
Economic Realities Dictate Organizational Lobbying: Restrictions Must Be Removed Walter A. Thomasson, SR/WA
Negotiations in Right of Way Acquisition George E. Midgett, SR/WA
The Westway Project Acquisition Report Joseph A. Fogarty
February 1983
Expressway Proximity Damages to Residential Property Roland D. Nelson, SR/WA
Obtaining Rights of Way on Public Lands: A Success Story Robert F. Burford
The 'Taking Issue' Saga Continues Gideon Kanner
Valuing Rights of Way: Lessons from the 'Rail Case' David R. Johnson and William R. Perlik 
December 1982
Activities of the Electric Company-Real Estate Division Howard G. Loflin
Establishment of Rental Values for Partial Development Rights Over and Under Streets and Lanes W. James West, AACI, FRI
Historic Preservation and the 1981 Economic Recovery Act Donovan D. Rypkema
Inter-Agency and Public/Private Cooperation for Rehabilitation and Historic Preservation Jean Diaz, SR/WA, SCV
October 1982
Book Review of David Brodsly's 'LA Freeway' — An Appreciative Essay Richard Robison
Environment in the Eighties James A. Roberts, Ph.D.
FHWA—Changes for the Coming Year Lester P. Lamm
New Organizational Concept of Right of Way in New Mexico Bill Garner
Resale of Surplus Rights of Way Along I-485 H.D. Howard
Transportation: Past, Present and Future George Koch
August 1982
Abandoned Pipeline: 35 Years Later  
Coal Slurry Pipelines: An Overview and Update on the ETSI Pipeline Project George R. Coffey and Virginia A. Partridge 
Compensation for the Taking of Partial Interests in Canada Dr. Eric C.E. Todd
Preservation Easements: Economic Bonus for Appraisers and Property Owners  
Railroads as a Coal Transportation System John H. Hertog
Solar Repowering: A Step Forward James E. Brown
States Resort to 'Survival Socialism' in Bid to Preserve Vital Rail Lines William C. Rempel
To What Extent is Topsoil Conservation Necessary in Pipelining S. Alex Ramsay
June 1982
A Conversation with International Pipeline Committee Chairman, Bernie Guichon, SR/WA  
A Quarter Century of Service for Canada's First Big-inch Natural Gas Pipeline R.J. Payne
Crude Oil Pipelines Overview of The Public/Political Process Thomas C. Kryzer
Cultural, Technical and Environmental Hurdles Overcome: The Story of the Cortez Pipeline Before Construction Roger G. Ryman, SR/WA
Environmental Considerations in Planning and Routing Natural Gas Pipelines and Their Relationship to ORV Use G.F Carpenter
Laying Pipe Along the Montana Northern Border Steve Schuck
Market and Service Considerations in the Certificate Process at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Bob Nelson
Pipeline Construction: Mules to Machines Ellen Schweppe
Regulatory Control: The Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline Project Carl H.D. von Einsiedel
Utility Corridor Problems Caused by Mother Nature W.A. Thomasson, SR/WA
April 1982
Alternatives to Obtaining Tribal Permits for Crossing Indian Lands J.W. McCartney
Centralized Real Estate Staffs and The Property Management Team: Key to an Effective Public Property Management Program Jean M. Diaz, SR/WA, SCV
Conrail Branchline Review and Abandonment Process Lawrence A. Huff
Easement Compensation for Transmission Line Rights of Way J.E. Partaker
Federal Land Policy and Management Act Regulations John W. Arlidge
Lessons Learned: The Minnesota 400 KV/Dc 427 Mile Project J.L Ward
Linking the Right of Way and Environmental Process Erik Ingebretson
December 1981
EIS Scoping—Issues and Alternatives Thomas F. Slater
Government Land Rental Policy—Is it Fair? F.M. Cunningham, A.A.C.I.
Liaison Vs. Conflict Joyce C. Kilmer, SR/WA
Southern Utah Coal—The Railroad Challenge Jeff Brinton
The 'Taking Issue' Revisited – Still No Resolution in Sight Gideon Kanner
The Future is Today's Challenge Wayne F. Kennedy
What Happened to My Right of Way? Jan E. Rosholt
October 1981
Effects of Transmission Towers on Annual Tobacco Production Costs William S. Scott
Florida Supreme Court Rules Median Damage Non-compensable Andrew H. Schuster
Indian Land Claims in the Canadian North: Some Fundamental Issues K.M. Lysyk, Q.C.
Property Management at Ontario Hydro Lands Ken Crombie
Right of Way in Crisis E.L. Tennyson, P.E.
Utility Accommodation Bill G. Owens
Valuating of Growing Crops Gideon Kanner
August 1981
Computerized Land Records Are Developed Gunther H. Gruelich
How to Minimize Highway Construction Delays Albert F. Laube, SR/WA
Taking by Regulation: The Coin Lands on Its Edge—Again Gideon Kanner
The Corridor Concept C.H. Weir
Title III, Uniform Act, 1970: Its Affect on Eminent Domain Appraisal David Cavanaugh
What Relationship Should Railroads and Utilities Have? H. Van Towle, SR/WA
Who Will Joint Use? Wade S. Manning, SR/WA
June 1981
Appraisal and Uses of Abandoned Railroad Rights of Way Arch Blackard, SR/WA
Appraisal Review Process is Outlined Floyd Wise
Baltimore's Interstate Highway Project Received Acceptance Emil Jensen, SR/WA and William K. Hellmann 
Electrification: One Answer to Rising Fuel Costs Jack Martin
Federal Agency View Given On Appraisal/Review Process G.B. Saunders
Functional Replacement Program is Explained John Sprague
Los Angeles Century Transit-Innovative Solutions to Social Problems Derwin H. Davis, SR/WA
Metro Date County Plan for Transportation Needs Roger Doucha and Bill Swinford 
Pre-Appraisal Conferences Are Beneficial Floyd Wise
Taking of Air Navigation Easements—Time May be Everything Gideon Kanner
Washington Transit Program Includes Joint Development Henry W. Cord, SR/WA
April 1981
Business Damages, Yes or No? Raymond Drebin
How Much is A Railroad Crossing Easement Worth? – A Consensus Mary Turi and H. Van Towle, SR/WA 
Interest in an Inflationary World—A New Look Gideon Kanner
Steps Given For Trial Preparation Floyd Wise
The Affect of High Voltage Transmission Lines on Agricultural Land Values in Minnesota Glenn A. Jensen, SR/WA and William V. Weber 
What Problems Do Contracting Firms Face in the 1980s? John J. Coates, Jr.
February 1981
Annual Payments for Easements Otis F. Koske, SR/WA
First Impression in Right of Way Acquisition Carol Ann Valentine, Ph.D.
Legal—Recycling Appraisals—Proceed with Care Gideon Kanner
December 1980
34. Impact Analysis of Electrical Transmission Lines—Conclusion W.R. Kellough, FASA, SRA, RRA, Ph.C., CBA
Acquisition of Uneconomic Remnants David Cavanaugh
Corridor Alignment Beats Winter Odds With Inertial Survey Julian G. Schmidt
Focus—Employer Awareness and How it Works Joanne Boorsma
Legal—Inverse Condemnation Remedies—The Saga Continues Gideon Kanner
Natural Gas—A New Perspective For a New Decade John Kean
Photogrammetric and Land Surveying for Cross-Country Right of Way Herbert G. Koogle
October 1980
Effects of Transmission Towers on Orchards and Vineyards William S. Scott
Impact Analysis of Electrical Transmission Lines W.R. Kellough, FASA, SRA, RRA, Ph.C., CBA
Land Use and Land Planning—An Overview Norman L. Cooper
Lawyer and Appraiser Prepare for a Hearing Clive K. Tallin, Q.C.
Legal—'Scope of the Project' Rule Gets Time Limits Gideon Kanner
Panel Discusses Railroad Crossing Easements Mary Turi and H. Van Towle, SR/WA 
The Electrical Industry in the Community J.E. (Elmer) Partaker
August 1980
Common Development—Toronto's Version of Joint Development  
Energy Perceptions and Promises William S. Lee
Ontario's Planning Process Is Reviewed W. Wronski
Precondemnation Offers: The Paper Tiger Grows Real Fangs Gideon Kanner
Right of Way People Can Assist With Environmental Impact Studies Paul A. Erickson
Right of Way Valuations Are Complex and Varied R.G. Hurlburt, SR/WA, AACI, SRPA
Some General Principles Used in Describing Land Gurdon H. Wattles, L.S., P.E.
What is the Review Appraiser's Role? John L. Fitzgerald, MAI
May 1980
Metro Tests Land Disposal of Sludge Neil Peterson
Population Growth Strains Power Facility Don L. Noel
So, You Want to Buy a Railroad? William L. Reid, SR/WA
Teamwork is Essential For Trial Preparation Richard L. Riemer, SR/WA
What is the True Energy Picture Robert C. Anderson
March 1980
Legal—How Private Can A 'Public Use' Get? Gideon Kanner
Multiple Use Helps Conserve Space Ronald L. Williams
North Dakota Highway Department Right of Way Division Contributes to Early Project Planning Robert E. King
Right of Way in the Future Arlen M. Hardisty
Right of Way Planning Input Is Encouraged Earl T. Newton, Jr.
January 1980
Bundle of Rights Theory Applied to Valuation of Easements and Rights of Way Robert Crain, AACI, FRICS
Coal Slurry Pipelines Can Provide Energy Robert McNeil
Legal-Remedies in Inverse Condemnation—The Saga Continues Gideon Kanner
Rebuttal: Coal Slurry Pipelines Are No Energy Solution J.O. Davies
The Next 25 Years in Transportation—It Is Our Choice John F. Spencer
Transmission Line Route Planning Process—Ontario Hydro's Experience George L. Wortman