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November/December 2009
Presidential Outlook Sandy Grigg, SR/WA
Straight Talk Mark Rieck, EVP
International Outreach (Great Britain's Compulsory Purchase Association) Colin Smith (CPA Past Chairman)
Federal Update (Tri-Level Approach Builds Relationships) Jeffrey Zaharewicz
Going Green (Walking the Walk) Ryan M. Christ
Social Ecology (Perception of the Local Language) James A. Kent
Row Therapy Dr. Mazie Leftwich, Psy.D
Consultants RoundTable  
Career Path Valerie Fries Wade, Chief of Educatioin
Preserving The Balance Barbara Billitzer
Mathematically Speaking The Key to Getting Project Estimates Approved Gary L. Glancz
Little Pink House Jeff Benedict
Valueless Property How a Remainder Converts to a Remnant Richard E. Welch, SRPA, SRA, R/W-AC
During your workday, are interruptions the exception or the rule? Kate Shirley
September/October 2009
55th Annual International Education Conference  

Interview with Sandy Grigg, SR/WA

Barbara Billitzer

The Benefits of Going Green

Valerie Lafferty

Leveraging the Science of Community

James A. Kent

Career Path

Valerie Fries-Wade

Federal Update

Gerry Solomon
July/August 2009
Aboriginal Rights and Wind Development in Canada Kristyn Annis

Relocation of Alaska Native Villages


Conflicts: A Common Sense Approach to Dispute Resolution

Susan L. Macey and Judson R. Scott

Eminent Domain: Identifying Issues in Damages

Carlos A. Kelly

Appraisal Reports Get Graphic

Richard E. Welch, SRPA, SRA, R/W-AC

The Holy Cross Energy Experience

Dr. James A. Kent

Opinion of Value

By: Gaye Rutan
Transparency in the Acquisition Process Imad Aleithawe, PE and Ralph Sinno, Ph.D, PE
Building the Future: Part V Kate Shirley
May/June 2009
Three Similar Appraisers Three Different Values Shawn Wilson, MAI
Building the Future for the Past 75 Years Part IV Kate Shirley
Pipeline Right of Way Encroachment Steve Chastain, SR/WA
Expropriation and the Partial Taking Appraisal Determining Due Compensation in Canada Gordon E. Macnair, AACI, P.App, SR/WA
Residential Carve-Outs Uncovering the Mystery David Leighow
Testifying in Court can an expert witness be required to speculate? Gaye Rutan
Acquiring Real Estate with Transit Grants 
The FTA's Newest Circular
Mamie Smith-Fisher, SR/WA and 
Robert N. Merryman, R/W-RAC
Wind Energy Development and Public perception James A. Kent, Kevin Preister, Trish Malone and Dan Wood
March/April 2009
Career: At the Crossroads John J. Turpin, SR/WA
What Makes a Chapter Strong? Pat Thayer, SR/WA and
Sharon Mcleod-Everette, SR/WA
Upholding Our Ethical Standards Glenn W. Bridger
A Cause for Proximity Damage Richard E. Welch, SRPA, SRA, R/W-AC
Alabama Power Paves Way for Steel Plant Mark Chandler and Amanda Edge
Transport Infrastructure and Property Value Reprinted from RICS
Texas Historic Overlay Project Ty Summerville
Trees and Negligence Peter S. Beering and Judson R. Scott
60s70s: Building the Future: Part III Kate Shirley
January/February 2009
Underground Transmission Lines: Rough Road Ahead Glenn Winfree, SR/WA, R/W-NAC, R/W-EC
Congressional Earmarks Robert Kleinburd
The Art of Pipeline Recovery David Howell, SR/WA
The Greater Public Good: Speaking Out on Kelo Robert S. Poliner
40s50s: Building the Future: Part II Kate Shirley
November/December 2008
Adjusting Market Value Over Time Mike Wolff
Ethical Responsibilities Eric Finn
FAA Airport Noise Program Richard Moeller
Estimating the Lump Sum John S. Cote, ASA
1930s: Building the Future: Part I Kate Shirley
September/October 2008
Observations from the Railline Mark Pomykacz, MAI, MRICS
The Non-Truth about Lelo William Busch, SR/WA
Primer on Floodplain Management (pt 2) Wendy Lathrop, PLS, CFM
A Looming Transition: Mass Exodus of Boomers in the Workplace Anne Houlihan
Training the Next Generation Marvin Hearns
July/August 2008
The Truth About Kelo Scott Bullock, Esq.
Reform, Not Revolt David B. Cosgrove
A Primer on Floodplains (pt 1) Wendy Lathrop, PLS, CFM
Developing Near Transmission Lines Gary Holisko, MCIP
For the Sake of the Job Robyn Nelson
The Mighty Motion Gary David Strauss, Esq.
The Review Process Jeffrey D. Swago, SRA, SR/WA, R/W-AC
The Key to Government Funding Kathleen A. Facer; Mike Jones, SR/WA
May/June 2008
Perception v Reality: Kelo & the Media James Brooks & William Busch, SR/WA
Freeway Congestion: The Railroad Solution Arthur G Rahn, SR/WA
Pros & Cons of Qualitative Analysis Timothy Holzhauer
Appraising Rural Settings Kirk Corson, A.I.C.P.
Relocation Incentives John F Reed, SR/WA
Motivating a Multi-Generational Workforce Valerie Fries
March/April 2008
The Zigs and Zags of Legal Descriptions Alan C Morganfield, SR/WA, PLS and Charles Carpenter, Esq.
Michigan: One Year Later for Condemning Authorities… Valerie Ferrero Lafferty
Japan Compensation Consultant Association Celebrates 30th Year Anniversary Chizuko Sasaki, Director of JCCA International Affairs
Examining the Condemnation Clause Thomas Flynn
Appraising Pipeline Easements: A Practical Approach Gary Valentine, MAI, ASA, SR/WA
January/February 2008
Unintended Consequences: The Impact of Medians John T. Schmick
The Zigs and Zags of Legal Descriptions Alan C Morganfield, SR/WA, PLS and Charles Carpenter, Esq.
Utility Easement Cases Seminar Draws Attendees from 13 States Joanie M. Miller, SR/WA, R/W-EC
November/December 2007
A House Divided: Relocating Multiple Occupants Lisa Barnes, SR/WA, R/W-RAC
Transportation Industry Capitalizes on New Technologies Susan Marlow
Tampa Bay Water Integrates Database Applications Linda Roberson, SR/WA
Real Estate Consultants and Eminent Domain A.C. Schwethelm
September/October 2007
Connecting the DOTs Billy R. Medley, SR/WA
The Search for Abandoned Pipelines David Howell, SR/WA
Spotlight on the New IRWA President  
July/August 2007
Agency Speak William J. "Joe" Lieberhauser, SR/WA
Coming Next – The Real GIS Revolution James Skurzynski
Appraisal: May the Best Approach Win Arthur G. Rahn, SR/WA, ASA
Waging War on Right of Way Weeds Jim Bean
Value Vs. Size in The Real Estate Market Michael Wolff
Saying Yes to Yin and Yang Jeffrey D. Swango, SRA, R/W-AC
Four Foot, Eight

Dennis Stork

May/June 2007
Agency Speak Richard R. Hoffman
GIS Technology Richard Waltrip, PLS
Automated Valuations Jeffery D Swango, SRA, R/W-AC
Oklahoma Nursing Home Relocation Kathy Walker
Wyoming Viaduct Relocation Kelly Etzel Douglas
Body Language Michael S Wolfe, SR/WA
This Land is Your Land...No More

Lindsay F Nielson

March/April 2007
Agency Speak Joan Morgan
Eminent Domain Law in Missouri Ed J. Hennessy
Secondary Land Use in Southern California Miles Anderson
Appraising Public Utility Easements in a Railroad Corridor John Schmick
Honey, I Shrunk the Cell Site Sean Heath
Aesthetics and Public Perception of Transmission Structures Susan M. Tikalsky and Cassandra J. Willyard
January/February 2007
Focus On: International Ethics Committee
Agency Speak Susan B Lauffer
Civility: A Means to an End Eric Finn
The Cake Cutting Algorithm - Problems in Corridor Valuations Wayne C Lusvardi, Charles B Warren, ASA
Railroad Right of Way - Appraising Public Utility Easements Arthur G Rahn, SR/WA, ASA
November/December 2006
Focus On: International Utilities Committee
Agency Speak Ray Brady
Growing New Leaders Faith Roland, SR/WA
Complexities of Pipeline Easement Damages John Schmick
ABC's of Preperty Management Terrel M Heather, SR/WA
Industry Insight  
Improving Wireless Telecommunications Disputes Kate Harvey, Merrick Hoben, Nick Papadopoulos
September/October 2006
Focus On: International Relocation Committee
Safe and Sound: LAX Sound Insulation Program Barbara Billitzer
July/August 2006
Agency Speak Rick Etter
Focus on the International Asset Management Committee Barbara Billitzer
IRWA Transforms its Education
and Professional Mission
The Florida Turnpike Enterprise Kathleen Joest and Brenda Ashe, SR/WA
Highest and Best Use and Partial Acquisitions Todd Pickett
The World at Your Fingertips  
The many benefits of Subsurface Utility Engineering C. Paul Scott, P.E., and Clyde B. Johnson, SR/WA
Utilities Uncover Success in Vegetation Management Doug Haller and John Smith
May/June 2006
Focus on the International Pipeline Committee Barbara Billitzer
Pipeline Maintenance in a Coastal Environment Alan L. Smith, Ph.D., CEP;
Val Hatley, SR/WA
Controlling Roadside Vegetation in the Midwest Randy Lusher
Easement Valuation Donald Sherwood, SR/WA
e-Filing Right of Way Paperwork Dheeraj Kulshrestha
Smart Lightpoles – The Evolution of Cell Sites Sean Heath
March/April 2006
Focus on the International Valuation Committee Barbara Billitzer
2006 Federal Agency Update Barbara Billitzer
Will Rights of Way Across Indian Land Drive Up the Cost of Energy? James C. Powers
Why Do Public Agencies Collide? William L. "Bill" Busch, SR/WA;
Peggy Hanley
Railroad Right of Way – Appraising Public Utility Easements (Part II) John T. Schmick; 
Robert J. Strachota, MAI, CRE, CBA, FIBA  
January/February 2006
Focus on the International Surveying Committee Barbara Billitzer
Fighting City Hall to Uphold Land Use:
Can a Deed Prohibiting Change of 'Land Use' be Upheld 110 Years Later?
Joanie Miller, SR/WA, R/W-EC
Uniform Act Revisions: Implementing the New Rules Tracy Peterson
Kelo v. New London – A Different Perspective David R Lewis, SR/WA, ASA 
Railroad Right of Way – Appraising Public Utility Easements (Part I) John T. Schmick;
Robert J. Strachota, MAI, CRE, CBA, FIBA  
Neighboring Property Values: The Problem of Faulty Analyses      Albert R. Wilson, CRE
November/December 2005
Focus on the International Professional Development Committee Barbara Billitzer
Transmission Lines and Industrial Property Values Dean Chapman, SR/WA, MAI, SRA
Right of Way Tree Encroachment Michael S. Huff
Virtual Valuation – Simulating an "After" Condition Craig T. Fries
Environmental Documentation – Why Does it Take So Long? Clyde B. Johnson, SR/WA
September/October 2005
Kelo v. New London – What's to Follow? William L. "Bill" Busch, SR/WA;
Eric Finn; 
Scott Noya; 
Bert Gall
Focus on the International Local Public Agency Committee Barbara Billitzer
Spotlight on IRWA President Daniel W. Beardsley, SR/WA Barbara Billitzer
IRWA Conference Highlights  
July/August 2005
The World is Flat and Other Myths John Horsley
Role of Wireless Linkages in Real Estate Sean Heath
The Evolution of Independent Wireless Associations Wayne Barnett
May/June 2005 — Volume 52 Number 3
Effective Acquisition Under the Updated Uniform Act Regulation Submitted  the Federal Highway Administration
Billboard Valuation: Fundamental Asset Allocation Issues  Dwain R. Stoops, MAI
New Dogs, Old Tricks – The 1031 Exchange  Orell C. Anderson, MAI
January/February 2005 — Volume52 Number 1
Public Participation - What's In It For You? What's In It For the Public?  Cheryl Everitt, MBA, IAP 2
Public Use vs. Public Benefit Did Thomas Jefferson and His Friends Really Intend for the City to Take Private Property and Re-convey It to Build a Private Health Club?  J. Michael Jones, SR/WA
Real Estate Property Rights  Michael Wolff
November/December 2004 — Volume 51 Number 6
Sleeping With the Enemy  Lyman R. Ho, SR/WA
The Main Street of America  Larry S. Stevens, SR/WA
The New Skin of Wireless  Sean Heath
September/October 2004 — Volume 51 Number 5
Philidelphia Conference: Let the Spirit of Education Ring!  Mary Anne Modina and Ligaya Sanchez
View From the Top  Mary Ann Modina
Environmental Contamination: An Analysis of the DC Matrix (Part 2)  Orell C. Anderson, MAI
July/August 2004 — Volume 51 Number 4
Consider Relocation as a Remediation Option  Derek T. Blackshare, PE, CHMM
All Appropriate Inquiry: New Phase 1 Environmental Standards to be Promulgated by EPA  Daniel E. Johnson and Joseph L. Kessling
Respecting the Environment  Brent G. Arnold, SR/WA
Environmental Contamination: An Analysis of the DC Matrix (Part 1)  Orell C. Anderson, MAI
SR/WA - The Story Behind the Letters  Sean Heath
Usace Holds RE CoP Conference  Priscilla W. Paige
May/June 2004 — Volume 51 Number 3
Contributory Value - A Matter of Consistency  Mark Meeks, SR/WA
Mobile Home Parks & Eminent Domain  William J. Conway, SR/WA
Managing a Project the Right Way  Scott W. Braley, FAIA, FRSA
Contain the Cost of Your Acquisition Project  Russel Goodman, SR/WA, MPA
2003 Report from the Right of Way International Education Foundation  David W. Sinclair, SR/WA
Federal Agency Leaders Deploy Recent Policy Changes  Elizabeth Kelly, SR/WA and Alan C. Louie, SR/WA
March/April 2004 — Volume 51 Number 2
The Power of Condemnation to Take a Public Utility  David L. Rein, Jr.
Avoiding the High Cost of Utility Relocation  C. Paul Scott
Utilities and Wiresless Carriers Ring the Bell  Stephen J. Humes, Esq.
Homeland Security and Your Right of Way  Wm. Roger Buell, PE
CREST in the War on Terrorism  Dwain D. McMullen, ASA
January/February 2004 — Volume 51 Number 1
Value in Contribution & Landlocking  Gordon E. MacNair, SR/WA,  AACI
Arbitration Strategy Can Slash Legal Costs  Curtis D. Brown
Appraising Dormant Brownfield Properties  Randall L. Airst, Esq., LLM
The Cost Approach in Corridor Valuation  Arthur G. Rahn, SR/WA
In Search of History: The Way West  Larry S. Stevens, SR/WA
November/December 2003 — Volume 50 Number 6
Telecom Sticker Shock - How High Can the Rent Go?  Sean Heath
Project Management of Wireless Communication Site Development  Julie M. Rosenoff, SR/WA
Insure Success: Sell Brownfield Sites While Eliminating Liability  Randall L. Airst, Esq., LLM
A Land Developer's Nightmare  Allen G. Dorin, Jr., MAI, SRA, RW-NAC
September/October 2003 — Volume 50 Number 5
FHWA Grants Awards for Right of Way Excellence  Mike Jones, SR/WA
July/August 2003 — Volume 50 Number 4
COVER: Recoup Environmental Damages Through Outdoor Media  Randall L. Airst, Esq., LLM
Going Underground  Kristi K. Wise and Cyrill J. Welter
Mixed-Use and Multifamily Projects  Willie L. Patterson III
What's Its Value?  David Layne, SR/WA
May/June 2003 — Volume 50 Number 3
Choosing the Right Appraiser  Nevin Sanli, ASA; Thomas Pastore, ASA, CPA, CFA and Adam Smith
Write the Right Way  Carol Brooks, SR/WA
How To Manage Your Career  David R. Lewis, SR/WA, ASA
Managing a Project the Right Way  Scott W. Braley, FAIA, FRSA
Contain the Cost of Your Acquisition Project  Russel Goodman, SR/WA, MPA
How to Defuse a Hostile Audience  Michael Wolfe, SR/WA
March/April 2003 — Volume 50 Number 2
Understanding Conservation Easement Valuation  Kioren Moss, MAI
The Lone Star of IR "Dubya" A An Interview with IRWA President Albert Allen, SR/WA  Mary Anne Modina
Public Utility Easements Traps that Can Create Major Problems  Jerry Moran
The Road to Brownfields Redevelopment Affordable Housing and Smart Growth  Daniel E. Johnson and Leah Guthridge
January/February 2003 — Volume 50 Number 1
Transportation Enhancement  Clyde Johnson, SR/WA
Proximity Damage Where Do You Draw the Line?  Larson Edge
Expanding the Use of Right of Way Personnel  Gary L. Glancz
Who Is Acquiring Your Easements and Rights of Way?  Jerry Moran
November/December 2002 — Volume 49 Number 6
Fiber Optic Communication Corridor Right of Way VAluation Medthodology  Charles P. Bucaria,Sr., MAI and Robert G. Kuhs, Esq.
Telecom Sites for Dummies  Sean Heath
September/October 2002 — Volume 49 Number 5
Procurring Rights of Way/Easements on Reservation Lands  Paul F. Sansaver
Real Estate Careers and Public Agencies  Kathleen Kendrick and Lannie Graham
July/August 2002 — Volume 49 Number 4
A Litigator's Guide to the Goodiwll Valuation Report  William W. Thomsen, CFA, ASA
A Voluntary Approach to Government Land Acquisition  David Cavanaugh
New Bill May Help Brownfields Grow Green  Daniel E. Johnson
Partial Takings A Short Story  Charles E. Chupp, SR/WA
May/June 2002 — Volume 49 Number 3
The Continuing Evolution of Corridor Appraising (Back to Basics)  Charles F. Seymour, CRE, MAI
The Expert Witness in Condemnation Law  Gary David Strauss,Esq.
Zoning in on Value Randall L. Airst, Esq., LLM
Right of Way's $42,000 Penny Lisa Rogovin Payne, Esq.
Industry Insights: Communicating with the Public David R. Lewis, SR/WA, ASA
Survivor XXV – The Expert Witness in Condemnation Law Gary David Strauss, Esq.
March/April 2002 — Volume 49 Number 2
Alabama Power Case Study  Phillip Miles
Bull Session A Short Story  Charles E. Chupp, SR/WA
The World Trade Center and Me: From Camelot to Bin Laden  Phillip S. Cottone, Esq., SR/WA
January/February — Volume 49 Number 1
Acquisition Tips and Strategies  Larry Stevens, SR/WA
Mediation: A Win-Win Situation  Lu Stasko
The Bluegrass Chapter  Richard B. Bliven,Jr.,SR/WA
The Beginning  
November/December 2001 — Volume 48 Number 6
Mobile 300 Years of America – A Guide to the Host City's Landscapes and Activities Robert H. Crowe, SR/WA
DTTR 101 – A Short Story Charles E. Chupp, SR/WA
The Appraisal of Easements Albert N. Allen, SR/WA
The Genesis of British Columbia– The History of Chapter 54 Albert C. Hill, SR/WA
The Storm Brewing in San Diego: Residents Face Drastic New Storm Water Legislation Daniel E. Johnson and Ralph Vasquez
September/October 2001 — Volume 48 Number 5
Basic Economic Tools of Right of Way Valuation  Max J. Derbes, Jr., SR/WA, MAI, ASA
For Lands Sake  Charles E. Chupp, SR/WA
Valuation of Wireless Comminucation Towers  Edward M. Wright
July/August 2001 — Volume 48 Number 4
Communicating More Effectively Suggestions for Better Writing  David R. Lewis, SR/WA, ASA
Stonewalling for Time: A History of the Gardon Grove Sound Wall  Allison P. Jacobe
For Land's Sake – Excerpts from a soon to be published novel  Charles E. Chupp, SR/WA
May/June 2001 — Volume 48 Number 3
CDOT Unveils Automated Document Management  Kevin P. Corbley
Highway Beautification-35 Years After the 1965 Act  Clyde B. Johnson, SR/WA
Petroleum Land Management Accreditation-A Perspective  Angela M. Hopkins
March/April 2001 — Volume 48 Number 2
Tenancies Gone Awry – Some Special Cases of Who Owns What Paul L. DeBole
Communication Links and Team Building in ROW Projects James F. Braun, SR/WA
Real Estate Appraisers as Expert Witnesses – What Makes Them Special? John C. Murphy and Roberto Lara
January/February 2001 — Volume 48 Number 1
ATF Appraisal in Eminent Domain Cases: A Rebuttal Rexford M. Shaffer Jr. and Arthur G. Rahn
ROW Information System: How to Build a World-Class Solution Steve Atkins
Appeals Court Expands Potential Superfund Liability Kenneth A. Ehrlich and Dan Hanket
Comparable Replacement Dwelling Willie L. Patterson
November/December 2000
Gas Pipelines Are the a Detriment or An Enhancement for Crops? Donald A. Fisher, ARA, MAI, David F. Fisher, and Douglas P. Fisher
3D Animations Power Tools for the ROW Professional Ann H. Gentry
The Art of Negotiation The Three 'C's' For Successful Negotiations-Part Four Carol L. Brooks
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and The Appraisal Process David R. Lewis, SR/WA, ASA
September/October 2000
The Legality of the Across the Fence Appraisal Approach in Eminent Domain Proceedings Todd Amspoker, Esq.
The Appraisal of Off-Premise Outdoor Advertising Billboards Rodolfo J Aguilar, Ph.D., ASA, GAA, MAI, PE/PLS, AIA, SR/WA
The Art of Negotiation The Trust Method for Successful Negotiations- Part Three Carol L. Brooks, SR/WA
July/August 2000
Appraisal Alchemy Debunked Michael V. Sanders, MAI, SRA
Top Ten Hits of Condemnation Law-Assessing and Controlling the Cost of Land Acquisition Gary Strauss, Esq.
Impacts on Residential Property Values Along Transmission Lines-An Update Study of Three Pacific Northwest Metropolitan Areas Steve C. Bottemiller, MAI, James M. Cahill, JR Cowger
Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This-The Art of Negotiation-Part Two Carol L. Brooks, SR/WA
May/June 2000
Right of Way Utilities Scanning Tour Scan Team Members
Understanding Goodwill Appraisals Patrick M. Millar, ASA
Ease-Ment The Art of Negotiation- Part One Carol L. Brooks, SR/WA
BLM Develops Cost-Effective, Dynamic Approach to Telecommunication Site Plans Belle Craig and Brent McBeth
March/April 2000
Valuing a Corridor Within a Corridor Richard J. Zulaica, SR/WA
Right of Way Agent Seeker of Truth and Faithful Reporter Charles David Hulbert, SR/WA
January/February 2000
Appraising Legally Nonconforming Uses—The Allocation Problem J.L Craft, PhD, MAI
Trusts and Trustee Conveyances—A Right of Way Agent's Guide Paul L. DeBole
Making a Difference in a Changing World Gordon E. MacNair, SR/WA