After you gathered the required education/ qualifying experience documentation, complete and submit the certification application for the credential level that you have chosen and apply the associated processing fee.

Note that you will submit your qualifying experience and education documentation through the application. Submit completed applications to the PDC Chair once all requirements have been met. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Certification Application Link

For best results kindly use Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0 and above is required to use all PDF forms.
*Right click your mouse on the PDF form’s link; Select ‘Save Link as’; Locate where you wish to save the file on your hard drive; and Click ‘Save’.
Certification Application Samples
To help you, we have provided application samples. These samples are a mock guide to producing an effective and ineffective application to the program. These samples are a mock guide only and do not guarantee approval.
Processing Fee
  Member Non-Member
RWA $ 50.00 $ 70.00
RWP $ 50.00 $ 70.00
SR/WA $ 175.00 $ 245.00