Archives 2015- Present

November/December 2019
Title Author
Avoiding the Great Divide Lesley T. Cusick
Spotlight on Koby Godwin, SR/WA
The Business Ethics Field Guide Brad Yarbrough
A New Era of Collaboration Aimie Mims, SR/WA
First Aid for Burned-Out Teams Kate Zabriskie
Cliffhanger on Route 66 Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ
Self-Driving Vehicles Ryan Hargrove
Expert Witness Or Fact Witness? Claudia Gaglione
Relocating Restaurants Darryl Root, R/W-RAC
The Power of Giving Carol Brooks, SR/WA
The Progression of IRWA's Young Professionals Matthew Eckmann, SR/WA
First Aid for Burned-Out Teams Kate Zabriskie
Exceptional Jurisdictional Confusion M. Lance Coyle, MAI. SRA
September/October 2019
Title Author
The Mystery of Harlem Place Alley Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
IRWA's 65th Annual International Education Conference Ethel Navales
The Business Ethics Field Guide Brad Yarbrough
An Interview with IRWA Young Professional of the Year - Kasy Baldauf, SR/WA  
Golden Opportunity Lore Deastra, SR/WA
An Interview with IRWA International President Aimie Mims, SR/WA Ethel Navales
IRWA Governance Task Force Update  
Why I Love Being a Right of Way Agent George Cardieri, SR/WA
Preventative Measures Robert C. Wiley
Effective Team Bonding Carol Brooks, SR/WA
July/August 2019
Title Author
Passing the Baton  
URA The HUD Way Jay Smith
Layers of Complexity Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
IRWA Governance Task Force Update  
Value Buildings If they're not being Taken? Chris Peterson, Stephen Roach and Eric Schneider
Voluntary Investment Brett Farner, SR/WA
On Common Ground Aimie Mims, SR/WA
The Project Fear Menu Lesley T. Cusick
Managing the Right of Way Subconsultant Ethel Navales
Introducing the Corridor Valuation Book Ethel Navales
High Performing Temas Dustin Weaver
Member Spotlight - Leslie Finnigan, SR/WA  
Body Languate Carol Brooks, SR/WA
The Property Management Team Robert E. Forrester, SR/WA
The Business Ethics Field Guide Brad Yarbrough
It's All About The People Brad Wolff
May/June 2019  
Title Author
Appraising Trees by Value Contribution Edward F. Steigerwaldt, ACF
From the Editor's Desk Ethel Navales
Member Spotlight Dawn Fletcher
Presidential Outlook, A Year of Collaboration Jeffrey Jones, SR/WA
The IRWA Learner Spotlight Series Deidre Alves, M.ED.
The Different Faces of Coaching Carol Brooks, SR/WA
The Business Thics Field Guide Brad Yarbrough
And the Winner is... Recognizing IRWA's Young Professionals Carol Brooks, SR/WA
CyberCrimes Peter Christensen
Innovations In Right of Way Project Delivery  
Top Three Right of Way Agent Observations About Attorneys Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
IRWA Governance Task Force Update  
Easement Valuation K. Erik "Rick" Friess, Bradford B. Kuhn and Kevin J. Donahue, MAI
Expert Witness Consultatioin Mazie Leftwich and Beth Minear
LA Metro Trains for the 2028 Olympics Holly Rockwell, SR/WA, R/W-NAC and BJ Swanner
Chapter 12 Welcomes Young Professionals Jaime Rose Tieu
Examining the Roadblocks Lesley T. Cusick
Leter to the Editor Gary Severson
Talk of the Town Lisa L. Amos, SR/WA
March/April 2019
Title Author
A Growing Family Jeffrey Jones, SR/WA
Great Leadership comes from the Heart. Carol Brooks, SR/WA
Member Spotlight  
Citizens Awakening James A. Kent and Glenn Winfree, SR/WA
IRWA's Partnership with LIA Mark Rieck CEO
Building an innovative Partnership Ethel Navales
The USPAP National Update Course David Burgoyne, SR/WA, David Layne, SR/WA, Gregory Lee, SR/WA, John Rolling, SR/WA and Christina Thoreson, SR/WA
Working Smarter Randene Seeman
The Reasonably Probable Standard in Highest and Best Use Analysis Robert M. Greene, CRE, MAI, SRA, PH.D
The Business Ethics Field Guide Brad Yarbrough
4 Ways to Attract a Diverse Workforce Jeremy Eskenazi
Reaching a New Milestone Nikkiy Bestgen
Legal Insight Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
Transitional Use TCE Dean G. Chapman, MAI, SRA, SR/WA and Michelle Patton, MAI, SR/WA
January/February 2019
Title Author
The Business Ethics Field Guide Brad Yarbrough
Anchors a-Weigh Michele Wood
The Oatmeal Circuit Kevin Preister
An Interview with AASHTO President Carlos Braceras Ethel Navales
The Instructor Spotlight Series Deidre Alves, M.ED.
A Hedonistic Approach To Just Compensation Orell C. Anderson, MAI and Alexander R. Wohl
USPAP and the Yellow Book David Layne
The Anatomy of a Settlement Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
The Intangibles Baldwin Tom
Moments of Clarity Jeffrey Jones, SR/WA
Live in the layers, not the litter Carol Brooks, SR/WA
How Young does the professional have to be? Callie Howard
One-On-One Coaching Jeffrey W. Foley
Member Spotlight  
Letter To the Editor  
November/December 2018
Title Author
Interview with IRWA"s Young Professional of the Year Derrick Roma, SR/WA  
Covenants and Right of Way Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
Right of Way Ground Patrols Vincent Maloney
LEvel Setting Priorities Dustin Weaver
Nigeria can be transformed to meet infrastructure demand Chinedim Uwaegbulam
The Business Ethics Field Guide Brad Yarbrough
The Instructor Spotlight Series Deidre Alves, M.ED.
Moving Forward jeffrey Jones, SR/WA
Make it Count Darryl Root, JD, MBA, R/W-RAC
Transforming "Teamwork" into a verb Carol L. Brooks, SR/WA
In This Issue... Mark Rieck, IRWA CEO
Transitioning to Right of Way Agency Work Ryan T. Hargrove, MAI
Social Risk Scoring Kevin Preister PH.D & James A. Kent
Maximizing Your Apraisal Dollar Jim Price, SR/WA, MAI
Crossing a Crawfish Pond Greg Spicer
Transitioning to Right of Way Agency Work Ryan T. Hargrove, MAI
September/October 2018
Title Author
Think Before you Speak Carol L. Brooks, SR/WA
The Instructor Spotlight Series Deidre Alves, M.ED.
Preparing California For Major Earthquakes Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
Understanding Self-Move Agreements Darryl Root, JD, MBA, R/W-RAC
The Right Kind of Change Brad Yarbrough
Contributing to Global Development Michelle Schopp
Worth its Weight in Gold Mary Lou Gayle, SR/WA
An Interview with IRWA International President Jeff Jones, SR/WA Ethel Navales
Member Snapshots (Donald Shirley)  
IRWA' s 64th Annual International Education Conference Ethel Navales
Limited Liability Entities Peter T. Christensen
July/August 2018
Title Author
Conservation Easements Lance W. Dore, MAI
Off to the Races! Wayne H. Kimbel
Eight Elements Sue Bingham
The Instructor Spotlight Series Deidre Alves, M.ED.
The Value Conclusion Brian A. O'Neill, Sr/WA and David E. Burgoyne, SR/WA
Gas Storage Beth R. Minear, ESQ.
A Costly Fall Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
Opening the Door To Possibilities jeffrey Jones, SR/WA
The Endowment Effect Michele Wood
In Good Hands Carmelita Delgado, R/W-NAC, RWA
Measure Twice, Cut ONce Carol L. Brooks, SR/WA
The Industry Roundtable  
Leadership Development Pilot Program Janella Cordova and Gabe Becerra
Successful Project Implementation Kevin Preister
Title Author
The Instructor Spotlight Series Deidre Alves, M.ED.
Attention To Detail Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
Understanding Your Puzzle Piece Carol L. Brooks, SR/WA
The Demand for Dialogue Kate Zabriskie
Pushing Ethics Forward Brad Yarbrough
Moments Matter Jill J. Johnson, MBA
Wetlands James Coyle, P.E. and Kyle Driscoll, MAI
Serious Impacts of Encroachments Jason Mcdade
Building Relationships Jerry Colburn, SR/WA
How To Build Leaders Dustin Weaver
IRWA's 64th Annual Education Conference (A sneak peek at some of the upcoming educational sessions)  
Avoiding Innocent Mistakes Peter Christensen, JD
Rethinking Fee Simple Michael V. Sanders, MAI, SRA
March/April 2018
Title Author
The Basics of Non-Compete Clauses Peter Christensen, JD
Now What? Life after Retirement Richard B. Cridlebraugh, SR/WA
Managing Project Complexity James a. Kent and Glenn Winfree, SR/WA
Forget Balance Sue Hawkes
The Value of Kindness Carol L. Brooks, SR/WA
Empowering your Team Magi Grazaino
Birth of a Conference Billy R. Medley, SR/WA
Calibrating Your Career Compass Derrick W. Roma, SR/WA, PMP
Best In Class Deidre Alves, M.ED.
Defining Unethical Behavior Brad Yarbrough
Pave the way to Success Lei Wang
Defining Leadership Pathways Jerry Colburn, SR/WA
When Disaster Strikes Sue Hawkes
Pipeline Rights of Way in Louisiana Lei Wang
Scenic Easements Kema Williams, Edward Singer and Julita De Leon
Below the Surface Lesley T. Cusick
January/February 2018
Title Author
Sexual Misconduct in the Workplace Brad Yarbrough
In This Issue Mark Rieck, CEO
The Art of Self-Reflection Carol L. Brooks, SR/WA
2017 Congress for Global Infrastructure Real Estate Mark Rieck, CEO
Examining Our Core Ideology Jerry Colburn, SR/WA
When the Past Halts the Present Ryan J. Howell, RPA
Sexual Misconduct in the Workplace Brad Yarbrough
Just Compensation: The Art of Winning Mischa M. Boardman
Sharing Best Practices James A. Olschewski, SR/WA
A Little good Fortune Goes a Long Way. Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
Leveraging URA Tools to improve Parcel Delivery. Konstantin Akhrem, SR/WA, R/W-RAC
The Power of Community Engagement James A. Kent, JD
The Dangers of Misclassification Peter Christensen
Wonder Awaits In pursuit of an IRWA certification Deidre Alves, M.ED.
Finding your Purpose Bonnie Blalock, R/W-RAC
November/December 2017
The Evolution from Manager to Leader Brian Braudis
Reducing the Risks Darryl Root, R/W-RAC
Planning for Environmental Hurdels Michael Rutter, ESQ. and
Christine Roy, ESQ.
Indemnity 101 Peter Christensen
A Culture of Compliance Carlos Antonio Flores and
Bruno Vera Stephens
A Blast from the Past Earl T. Newton, Jr.
Avoiding Double Counting in Compensation Prem Lobo, CPA, CA, CBV and
Catalina Anghel, CPA, CA, CBV
It's a Two-Way Street Noelle Hoelsken
The Simple Act of Caring Brad Yarbrough
Presidential Outlook Jerry Colburn, SR/WA
The Nuts and Bolts of Drafting Easements Mischa Boardman
Survival of the Determined Bernard Lea, SR/WA
Don't Let Size Fool You Micael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
Securing a Seat at the table Andrew Thompson, SR/WA
Inside the Association  
Groundbreaking Education Deidre Alves, M.ED.
Who Are your customers? Carol L. Brooks, SR/WA
IRWA on Purpose Mark Rieck, IRWA CEO
The Spirit of Eminent Domain Mazie Leftwich, PSY.D.
September/October 2017
Legally Insured Peter Christensen
A Barometer of Our Character Brad Yarbrough
A Creative Mediation Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
Headquarters Staff Updates  
Do What You Love Orell Anderson, MAI
FHWA - Changes for the Coming Year Lester P. Lamm
Seizing new opportunities Matthew Eckmann, SR/WA, R/W-NAC, R/W-AMC
Inter-Generational Decision Making Jill Johnson
Benefits that keep on giving Jerry L. Higgins, SR/WA (Retired)
Blurring The Lines James T. Braselton, ESQ.
The Upside of Being Unique Carol Brooks, SR/WA
Before, During and After the Move Darryl Root, R/W-RAC
The Year of Acceleration Deidre Alves, M.ED.
Meet Your Match Mark Rieck, CEO
July/August 2017
The Culture of our Organization Jessica Brown
Leaders Vs. Bosses Attributes of effective leadership Bob Mcintyre
The Impact of Social Media Brad Yarbrough
Beginning With the End in Mind Kenneth Cantrell, MAI
Commercial Drone Applications Kirk Mcclurkin
The Case for Contract Standardization Brent Leftwich
Turning Ideas Into Action Ethel Navales
Reclamation of the Land Colby F. Scroggins
A NEW Suite of Services Mark Rieck, CEO
Becoming a Favorite Micael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
Online Legal Resources for Appraisers Peter Christensen
An Agency Endorsement James Olschewski, CET, SR/WA
Making a Vital Impact Deidre Alves, M.ED.
Making a Difference Jerry Colburn, SR/WA, R/W-RAC
An Update on Career Status  
Valuation Spring Training Vanessa Ringgold, SR/WA, R/W-RAC
Elevating Standards of Practice Faith Roland, SR/WA
The Power of Humor Carol Brooks, SR/WA
March/April 2017
Own The Ugly Karin Hurt and David Dye
Tackling a Mobile Home Relocation Lisa Barnes, SR/WA, R/W-RAC
Why Titles Matter Brent Leftwich
The Future of Land Registry Glenn Winfree, SR/WA
Latin America's Growing Energy Demand Jesus Rodrigues Davalos
Beyond the Call of Duty Micael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
A True Role Model  
The Rights Remaining Kenneth Cantrell, MAI.
What Members Are Saying  
Permit Lite Tony Pollack, SR.WA, PLS
Working Against the Odds Andrew Winkelmann
Chart Your Own Course Mark Rieck, CEO
Are Your Ethics For Sale? Brad Yarbrough
A New Perspective Reading with purpose Deidre Alves, M.ED.
On The Right Track Ethel Navales
Empowering All Professionals Mary Anne Marr, SR/WA
March/April 2017
IN Defense of Governmental Regulations  
The Value of a View Orell Anderson, MAI and Alexander Wohl
The Value of Property Taken Kenneth Cantrell, MAI
Ask for It Jack Simony and Tanna Bogursky
Accepting the Challenge J.N. Whiddon
Ethics at the Forefront Deidre Alves, M.ED.
Checks and Balances Michael F. Yoshiba, Esq.
Replacement Housing Lisa Barnes, SR/WA, R/W-RAC
In Defense of Opinion Allen Dorin, Jr., MAI, SRA, R/W-NAC
The Benefits of Professional Networking Darryl Root, JD, R/W-RAC
Parting Thoughts  
Forecast For The Future  
Considering the Collective Good Brad Yarbrough
Ready for Everything Mark Rieck, IRWA CEO
Obtaining Right of Entry Taylor Doyle, ESQ.
Leveraging Data and Metrics Steven Clark
Blueprint for Success Mary Anne Marr, SR/WA
Poised for Exponential Growth Barbara Billitzer
January/February 2017
What's in a Name?  
Behind the Dreaded Relocation Appeal Darryl Root, JD, R/W-RAC
A World of Member Value Mark Rieck, IRWA CEO
Thinking Differently Mary Anne Marr, SR/WA
Members Speak Out  
The Power of Millennial Alignment Anne Zender
Legalities of an Alcohol Beverage License Michael F. Yoshiba, Esq.
The World of Underground Infrastructure Deidre Alves, M.ED.
Bridging the Problem Jack Arizcuren
Trial By Deposition Val K. Hatley, SR/WA
In Search of Work Ryan Ray
Ethics Reform Makes Headlines Brad Yarbrough
Billions for Red Tape. Philip K. Howard
To Move or Not to Move Lisa Barnes, SR/WA, R/W-RAC
Confronting Regulatory Accumulation Michael Mandel, PH.D. and Diana G. Carew
November/December 2016
The Art of Savoring Deidre Alves M.Ed.
Licenses Versus Leases Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
Averting Professional Liability Claims Peter T. Christensen
The Role of Intuition Orell Anderson, MAI
The Attitude of Gratitude Brad Yarbrough
Beyond the Permitting James Kent
Kevin Preister
An Exciting Future Awaits Mary Anne Marr, SRWA
Minimizing Conflicts of Interest Darryl Root, JD, R/W-RAC
Boosting the Success of your Service Provider Kerry Malone
The Upside of Sharing space Jennifer Berry, R/W-NAC
Quantifying Social License Rowland Harrison
Who Needs to Know? Mark Rieck, CEO
In Pursuit of Up-skilling Genine Wilson
September/October 2016
Targeting our Attention Deidre Alves M.Ed.
Six Deadly Blindfolds Shane Cragun
Geographic Democracy James Kent
Kevin Preister
The Global Catalyst Barbara Billitzer
Embracing Our Differences Evan Hackel
Acquisition Challenges in Design-Build Projects Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
Let's Be Honest Brad Yarbrough
An Interview with IRWA International President
Mary Anne Marr, SR/WA
Barbara Billitzer
Get Your Facts Straight Darryl Root, JD, R/W-RAC
Get in the Game Mark Rieck, IRWA CEO
Transmission Lines and Proximity Impact Marian J. Barnes, SR/WA, MAI
What Lurks Below Mark Braiter
July/August 2016
The Demand for Land Emmanuel Mark, FNIVS
The Drone Debate Ethel Navales
The Unknown Hero Ronn Carlentine, SR/WA
Beware of Verbal Promises Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
Who's Responsible? Dustin Weaver, PMP
Great Companies Think Differently Brad Yarbrough
Passing It On Janet Walker, SR/WA, R/W-NAC
Paying the Price Ethel Navales
Part of Something Bigger Mary Anne Marr, SR/WA
A Breakdown of Competitive Bids Darryl Root, JD, R/W-RAC
Minimizing Non-Technical Risk Shaun Tweed
Picking the Right Service Provider Kerry Malone
Straight Talk Mark Rieck, IRWA CEO
Do We Have Time for That? Steve Chastain, SR/WA
Behind the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Armand Spielman
Michael Travis
Opening New Doors Zack Darragh
May/June 2016
Analyzing Market Lease Rate Adjustments Timothy J Holzhauer, MAI, SR/WA, MRICS, JD
Ancestry and Ownership Travis Baird
A World-Class Faculty Deidre Alves, M.ED.
Compulsory Purchase Reform Richard Guyatt
Colin Smith
An Educational Game-Changer Kate Shirley
Advocating for Transparency SORAYA PÉREZ MUNGUÍA
When the Legal Issues Snowball Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ
Managing the Airspace Max Pedowicz
Examining the Variables Michael V. Sanders, MAI, SRA
The Collapse of Trust Barad Yarbrough
Becoming the Gold Standard Wayne L. Goss, SR/WA, R/W-NAC
Mitigating the Fear James Kent
A Straight Line to Efficiency Dr. Howard Botts, PH.D.
Connecting our Body of Knowledge Mark Rieck, EVP
The Value of Experience Taylor Sass
March/April 2016
Appealing a Relocation Decision Kinnon W. Williams, ESQ.
Pathways to Industry Relevance Deidre Alves, M.ED.
Eyes on the ground Beth Minear, ESQ.
A Forward-Thinking Approach Larry Dybvig, AACI, MAI, FRICS
Raising the Bar  
Addressing the Larger Parcel Orell Anderson, MAI
Jack Williamson, PH.D.
Alexander Wohl
Unclaimed Compensation Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
Limit your Liability Peter T. Christensen, ESQ.
Pursuing the Right Actions Brad Yarbrough
Advancing on All Fronts Wayne L. Goss, SR/WA, R/W-NAC
A Closer look at Proximity Damages Ted Tatos
Troy Lunt, SR/WA, MAI
Mark Glick
Compensating a Move Planner Darryl Root, JD, R/W-RAC
Konstantin Akhrem, SR/WA, R/W-RAC
Stopping NIMBYism in its Tracks James Kent
Leadership Counts Mark Reick, EVP
A Strategic Approach to Municipal Real Estate Gordon Macnair, SR/WA, AACI, P.APP
The Future is Bright James Hardy, R/W-AC, AACI, P.APP
Spanish-Language Version  
French-Language Version  
German-Language Version  
January/February 2016
The Real Property Act in Australia Alan Hartley
Ethical Awareness Deidre Alves, M.ED.
Investing In Public Infrastructure Sharon Slauenwhite, SR/WA
Respecting Private Property Rights David E. Burgoyne, SR/WA, ASA
Europe's Next Big Thing DR. Sissis Kamarianakis
Gaining a Global Perspective Lee Hamre, SR/WA, R/W-URAC, R/W-RAC
How to Handle Absentee Owners Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
The Power of Change Guillermo Manning
A Question of Compensation Ezenwa M.C. Odigbo, FNIVS
A Societal Imperative Brad Yarbrough
Taking Pride in our Mission Wayne L. Goss, SR/WA, R/W-NAC
The Future is NOW Kate Shirley
Reestablishing a Non-Occupant Owner Darryl Root, JD, R/W-RAC
A Quest for Knowledge Ed Opstein, SR/WA, R/W-NAC, R/W-RAC
Achieving a Viable Settlement Ernest Grunewald
A Three-Fold Savings Mark Rieck, EVP
Closing The Gap Richard Mungati
The Perils of E-Discovery Beth Minear, ESQ.
Inspired to Grow Taylor Sass
Spanish-Language Version  
French-Language Version  
German-Language Version  
November/December 2015
A Learning Laboratory Deidre Alves, M.ED.
Letter to the Editor  
Getting Smart About Growth Dennis H. Klein, GISP, AICP, PE
High and Dry (IRWA's 2015 Project of the Year) Barbara Billitzer
Energize Your Workforce Brady G. Wilson
Uncovering the Truth Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
Magna Carta's Impact on Modern Property Rights Meyric Lewis
A Value Added Commitment Duston Weaver, PMP
Corporate Integrity and Smart Pigs Brad Yarbrough
2015 Project of the Year Competition  
Practical Advice from a Practical Appraiser Orell Anderson, MAI
Moving at LIght Speed Wayne L. Goss, SR/WA, R/W-NAC
When Projects Collide Muzi Shange
Protect Yourself from Harm's Way Beth Minear, ESQ.
A Redevelopment Success Story Gordon Macnair, SR/WA, AACI, P.App
Setting the Stage Darryl Root, JD, R/W-RAC
The Power of Why Mark Rieck, EVP
Strengthening Your Transmission System Sarah Beckman, PE
Spanish-Language Version
September/October 2015
A New Education Partnership Deidre Alves, M. Ed.
A Changing Landscape for Transmission Providers Beth Minear, ESQ.
Harnessing Technology in a Volatile Market Yogesh Knandelwal
Dan Liggett
Tearing down the W.A.L.L. Mark A. Vickers
The Devil is in the Details Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
Sharing the Ethical Responsibility Brad Yarbrough
Out of Sight, Out of Mind Kate Shirley
Displacement and LIfe Estates Darryl Root, JD, R/W-RAC
Konstantin Akhrem, SR/WA
All In On Chapter Development Mark Reick, EVP
Giving Back to the Community Carlos Alfonso Sandoval Miranda
An Interview with IRWA International President Barbara Billitzer
Shaping the Industry Taylor Sass
Spanish-Language Version
July/August 2015
Accreditation Karinne Elson
Best In Class Deidre Alves, M. Ed.
Bringing the Pieces Together Roxinne A. Mcphail, R/W-NAC
Fine-Tuning the Contract Kinnon W. Williams, ESQ.
Faith A. Roland, SR/WA
In Search of a Consulting Expert Donnie Sherwood, SR/WA, R/W-AC, MAI, FRICS
Appraisal Challenges in Design Build John R. Navratil, SAS, SR/WA, R/W-AC, R/W-NAC
Determining the Viability of the Remainder Tony Sevelka, MAI, SREA, AACI, FRICS, CRE
The Ultimate Game Changer William Von Klug, R/W-RAC
Inside the Association  
Obstacles to Leadership Effectiveness David Waits
When Questioning Crosses the Line Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
The Importance of Remaining Unbiased Art Linton
The Double Dip Brad Yarbrough
Presidential Outlook Wayne L. Goss, SR/WA, R./W-NAC
Displacement and Life Estates

Darryl Root, JD, R/W-RAC
Konstantin Akhrem, SR/WA

Straight Talk Mark Rieck, EVP
A Right of Way Man at War Tom O'Connor, SR/WA
Connecting with Passionate Newcomers Jenna Wood
Brian Taylor, SR/WA
May/June 2015
Fulfilling a Vision Barbara Billitzer
Energy Development in Indian Country Michael Drost
Below The Tracks Michael F. Kerr and Neil M. Soltman
Pipeline Proximity Randy L. Seale, MAI and David R. Bethel, MAI
Quantifying Stigma Kevin Zarem, MAI
Nurturing our Relationships Lee Hamre, SR/WA, R/W-URAC, R/W-RAC
The Privilege of Leadership Mark Rieck, EVP
Mastering the Art of Learning Deidre Alves, M. Ed.
A New Look at Millennials Jennifer Spencer
The door is Always Open... Or is it? Brian Ray
Doing What's Right M. Vincent Cruciani, SR/WA
Pits, Pads and Underground Storage tanks Darryl Root, R/W-RAC, JD
Small Town Jury Trials Michael F. Yoshiba, Esq.
The Power of Fear Joakim Alstom
Inside the Association  
People on the Move  
March/April 2015
Bringing the Concept to Life Deidre Alves, M.ED.
Hunting in a Farmer's World John F. Dini
When Temporary Becomes Interminable Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
Right of Way Cowbow Michael Masse
Models for Transportation Project Delivery Fred Kessler, ESQ.
Navigating a Pipeline Reroute Steve Chastain, SR/WA
Managing the Crowded Underground Bert Bosseler
William Busch, SR/WA
Finding Purpose in Performance Measurement David Leighow
The Power of Water Michael Harris
The Uniform act Still Rules Lee Hamre, SR/WA, R/W-URAC, R/W-RAC
Real Estate, Personal Property or Fixture? Darryl Root, R/W-RAC, JD
Rising to the Challenge Kate Shirley
Simulating a Condemnation Trial Gary Kent
The Shape of Things to Come Mark Rieck, EVP
Land Rights in the Heartland James T. Wills
Poised for Growth Courtney Otto
January/February 2015
Education in Action Deidre Alves, M.ED.
Keeping the Community Moving Mark Mendoza, MRED
Amy Betonte, JD
Jeremy Miller
International Ethics Standards Eric Finn, ESQ.
A New Spin on Live Work Balance Jennifer Dulski
Challenging an Occupancy Determination Michael F. Yoshiba, ESQ.
High-Impact Partnerships Karinne Elson
The Consequences of Multitasking Anne Grady
Presidential Outlook Lee Hamre, SR/WA, R/W-URAC, R/W-RAC
Shared Dwellings Darryl Root, R/W-RAC, JD
Relocation Appeals William Von Klug
Preventing a Chain Reaction James Kent
Kevin Preister
Straight Talk Mark Rieck, EVP
Utility Versus Proximity John Rolling, SR/WA
Marian Barnes, SR/WA
The Real Value of Business Property John Schmick
War Stories Roxinne A. Mcphail, R/W-NAC
Young Professionals
Aimie MIms, RWP, R/W-AMC